Monday 28 November 2016

St Cuthbert - by William Wildblood

...Cuthbert was persuaded that he had been visited by an angel. This inspired him to become a monk and devote himself entirely to God. He then spent several years as a priest travelling around the north of the country doing missionary work and spreading the word of the Gospel which at that time was still fairly shallow rooted in those parts. He was much respected for his asceticism and much loved for his kindness to the sick and the poor. He even gained a reputation for healing to such a degree that he became known as the Wonder Worker of Britain.

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Dualist said...

@ William Wildblood (and Bruce, too, if such things are of interest to you, which I imagine they would be.)

Are you aware of the CURRENT examples we have of Incorruptibility in the world today? Throughout history, this appears to be one way that God confirms both the Sanctity of the deceased and the veracity of any Prophecy granted them.

Here is a short video of some (there are also better quality vids around, but this one tells you the Saints' locations, too):