Thursday 3 November 2016

The battle of the conspiracy theorists - Alt Media versus Mass Media - Reality v Matrix?

There is reality and then there are the mass media - but within the Mass Media there is an Alternative Media (Alt Media) that is not very 'mass' but more of a cult kind of thing.

Indeed, these are the 'Conspiracy Theorists' we have heard so much about recently. (And I embrace the title, which should be a badge of honour - given the vileness of the mainstream). Name-calling aside; the key question is whether the Alt Media conspiracy theorists are sometimes correct in their apparently extreme allegations; and the answer is obviously yes.

Small-minority audience the Alt Media may be - but there is a lot of it, in total - and what the Alt Media are writing about today (November 3 2016 - and for the past days, weeks, months...) on the subject of the US election is an entirely different 'reality' from that of the mass media; with no overlap.

These are two utterly distinct world views.

If you want to know what the Mass Media can leave-out, completely - then look at something like or In the Alt Media over the past days and weeks there has been reported the most shocking and disgusting 'story' about Western politics, ever; but in the mainstream mass media - crickets... Not a whisper, not a rumour.

So, who are the real Conspiracy Theorists - one, or the other, or both of them? Certainly the mainstream media are more effective and efficient at what they exclude - so much so that it represents a major datum and challenge to our understanding of ow the world works when - apparently - power is so devolved: by contrast, effective power must, in practise, be centralised.

There are also implications about the degree of coercion necessarily involved in the system - total exclusion, unanimity of memes and spun stories, the sudden 180 degree turn or volte face... all these imply extremely widespread use of corruption, bribery, coercion, intimidation - probably mainly focused on keeping the most powerful people in-line and on-message.  

Perhaps we will never know the reality of the current situation, perhaps we will 'know' by the time you read this - but then what is 'knowing' in a world where reality is what-is-in-the-mass-media; and if it isn't featured and endorsed, then it doesn't exist?

But I have been absolutely astonished (yet again) at the capability of the vast and apparently chaotic Western mass media utterly to exclude what they don't want people even to hear about, and to make them think about something else altogether - despite that very different and far more shocking, attention grabbing, interesting and potentially-important information is freely available to anyone with access to the internet - at the mere click of a mouse.

But media aside; anyone with a core of religious stability, normal experience, common sense and the ability to join dots; already knows more-than-enough about what is going-on in the world (the broad brush picture, not the details; the overall aim and motivations if not the exact policies and scams) to make the right decisions and to live properly.

However, in The West, now - that actually isn't very many people! 

BTW: Addicted to Distraction, my 2014 book on the mass media, is free online:


Y. said...

I was willing to believe Clinton was doing pay 2 play corruption, or even selling state secrets.

But the weird stuff in the emails, like the cheese pizza & bizarre 'beanie baby' sale.... Why?
That seems too much.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Y - I don't know what you refer to; but I gather than the Global Elite are *much* more 'bizarre' than my circle of acquaintances - probably from being much closer to demonic influences. Also, all mass media always have errors, and deliberate dishonesties - at the level of detail even when not in the big picture

stephens said...

When you use the non-MSM/Alt Media you cannot help but notice the purposeful omissions and deceitful misrepresentation in the MSM.

What is most unsettling, for me, is the current use of such deceit by both Government and MSM to lead our populus towards unwarranted conflict and possibly catastrophic war with the likes of Russia and China. Something I want no part of.

The recent Sky news video article (the written version was less so) of the russian ships heading to Syria (via the English Channel) was blatant warmongering at its worst. No decent person should want anything to do with Sky after seeing its news media used for such evil purposes!

I can, now, see why our government have spent millions of pounds on 24 hour police watch of the Ecuadorian embassy and why RT (Russia Today) have had their bank accounts closed, with no reason given. They are desperate that truth remain hidden if it hinders their evil agenda.

At least there seems to be an awakening amongst a portion the masses, but why so many are fooled I do not know. Reminds me of an amusing section of "The Great Liberal Death Wish" by the late Malcolm Muggeridge:-

"I tell you, if ever you are looking for a good subject for a thesis, you could get a very fine one out of a study of the books that were written by people like the Dean of Canterbury, Julian Huxley, Harold Laski, Bernard Shaw, or the Webbs about the Soviet regime. In the process you would come upon a compendium of fatuity such as has seldom, if ever, existed on earth. And I would really recommend it; after all, the people who wrote these books were, and continue to be regarded as, pundits, whose words must be very, very seriously heeded and considered.

I recall in their yellow jackets a famous collection in England called the Left Book Club. You would be amazed at the gullibility that's expressed. We foreign journalists in Moscow used to amuse ourselves, as a matter of fact, by competing with one another as to who could wish upon one of these intelligentsia visitors to the USSR the most out-rageous fantasy. We would tell them, for instance, that the shortage of milk in Moscow was entirely due to the fact that all milk was given nursing mothers - things like that. If they put it in the articles they subsequently wrote, then you'd score a point. One story I floated myself, for which I received considerable acclaim, was that the huge queues outside food shops came about because the Soviet workers were so ardent in building Socialism that they just wouldn't rest, and the only way the government could get them to rest for even two or three hours was organizing a queue for them to stand in. I laugh at it all now, but at the time you can imagine what a shock it was to someone like myself, who had been brought up to regard liberal intellectuals as the samurai, the absolute elite, of the human race, to find that they could be taken in by deceptions which a half-witted boy would see through in an instant. I never got over that; it always remained in my mind as something that could never be erased. I could never henceforth regard the intelligentsia as other than credulous fools who nonetheless became the media's prophetic voices, their heirs and successors remaining so still. That's when I began to think seriously about the great liberal death wish."

Samson J. said...

To go back to the thread from the other day, I can scarcely believe the idea that "most politicians are corrupt", let alone this stuff. Who knows if we will ever hear the truth of it? But I have to say, the look on Bill Clinton's face the night of that debate was worth 10^9 words...

Bruce Charlton said...

@Sampson @ Stephens

I shall probably do a post on the subject of 'Why people can't believe the truth' when it comes to the ruling global conspiracy; but meanwhile I suggest that there are three main reasons:

1. People don't believe in God - therefore
2. They don't believe in Satan, demons and their servants - therefore
3. They cannot even conceptualise - let alone recognise - evil.

None of this is an accident.

Samson J. said...

I'm trying to think of an LOTR example of someone "not being able to believe" in evil.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Samson - There is no exact equivalent of the modern mind in LotR; but the nearest approach would probably be Saruman - who speaks like a bureaucrat (and has a mind of metal and wheels); and his minion Wormtongue who convinced Théoden that there was no threat from Saruman, and the orcs killing his people weren't really there (and the *real* problem was that scaremonger conspiracy theorist Gandalf Stormcrow...).

Sean Cory said...

What comes next, if the prophecies given in scripture are true, is that the exile of the church to the wilderness, already well advanced, will very shortly be complete. At that point comes tyranny, oppression and war on a vast scale along with all the collateral calamities that war carries with it (famine, plague, chaos). At some point a person called Anti-Christ makes an appearance and heads up a vast state at the center of all the unrest and war. I don't know how literal this person is. Is it more of a ruling ethos that dominates the secular powers (which seems to be pretty well developed right now) are a real person?

I never imagined I would live in such times as we have today.

You are doing good work, Bruce, and I appreciate it very much. Sometimes when the information flooding in becomes just too much for me to handle I come to this site or to Junior Ganymede or to another of the few sites that have a grasp on reality to refresh what little sanity I still possess. Thank you.

Junnies said...

the #spiritcooking revelations of the Clinton Campaign seems like something you would be well-placed to comment on Bruce. (many of) the western establishment elites ARE satanists that do believe and thrive on and channel evil.

this is of course, just the tip of the iceberg. conspiracy researchers point out that these people engage in child sex and baby sacrifice rituals... it appears that 2016 is a window for the light to expose the darkness

Bruce Charlton said...

@l - I don't know about that specific evidence - but certainly the principle seems to be that the highest level of evil does engage in magic-type ritual violations of sacred taboos - presumably as some kind of intitation and bonding, and plausibly as an attempt at occult power (e.g. an opening of the soul to demonic possession). I suppose this explains the rapid qualitative personal corruption of some of the global leadership class when they get close to 'the top' - you can see the effect in their eyes.