Saturday, 26 November 2016

Men versus Elves - Saturday Morning Steeleye

When Men come into contact with elves or fairies, there may be antagonism - and the outcome can go either way...

In Seven Hundred Elves the tale is told about how the advent of Man destroys much that the elves hold dear (environmental damage due to intensive agriculture etc), and how they fought back - but were defeated and banished by Christian symbols... Chilling.

Better sound and a more polished perfomance is on the full album, first track:

On the other hand, in this song a young girl responds to an Elf Call to care for an elven child - but when the experience palls, discovers there is no going-back (I especially like the tasteful bass improvisation - Rick Kemp - during the playout):

On yet another hand, the Wee Wee Man - a friendly fairy is encountered and there is a bit of showing-off from him - but in the end the fairy and everything else disappears - and nothing much happens!

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