Wednesday 2 November 2016

What can we do?... But what should we Not do?

There is far too much helping the enemy going on.

We know who the enemy is.

We know what they want to do: subvert, destroy and invert The Good, anywhere and everywhere. Indeed, we know exactly what they are trying to do; because this is both shouted at us and subtly murmured in our ears 24/7.

We know who is working for them: the people, the organisations and corporations, the institutions...

So why do we do so much actively to assist evil in so many ways?

I can understand why people may feel that 'speaking out' is too risky, ineffectual, or perhaps counter productive: but to invest our limited time, money and energy in actively-promoting the enemy's evil agenda is... well, it is wicked and ought to be avoided; and when not avoided must be acknowledged and repented.

How many times a day do you, personally assist the enemy? - not just by staying quiet when you should speak; but by positive and endorsing words and actions; by nods and words of agreement with that which you know is a scheming lie; by time spent at work or in leisure on 'implementeing' evil plans - and by doing so way beyond the minimum; without any attempt even to weaken or minimise their impact.

How often do you reach into your pocket to contribute to subversive and evil charities, NGOs and other Leftist enterprises? How often do we expend our time and efforts in helping the very organisations that we know are strategically - sometimes covertly, often explicitly - aiming to corrupt and eliminate what we consider good.

All Mainstream Modern Institutions Are Now Corrupt - all are net evil, all are (overall, in net effect) pursuing the demonic agenda - so why are you actively helping them in this?

If all those who are hostile to the secular Left plan for Western spiritual suicide were simply to withdraw their active, diligent, beyond-the-call of duty cooperation in that which they oppose; then a process of positive change would begin within days - maybe faster.

(Because they are not oppressing us; we are oppressing each other, by diligently following their instructions.)

No coordination is necessary, no master plan - this is something for everyone, as individuals; little courage is necessary (although it would help); no significant risk need be taken - this is just Basic Common Sense.

(Let them build your jail, if they can - don't assist them with your time and money and labour!)

Start Now. 

When you are being marched in formation towards an existential death camp; the very least you can do is drag your feet!


Unknown said...

Very well put. Smiling and nodding for the sake of civility is a very cucked form of suicide, when what one is smiling and nodding to is our genocide.

Bruce Charlton said...

@BR - For a Christian it is worse than genocide: self-chosen eternal damnation.

stephens said...

I have thought, for quite a while now, that every time I pay tax I am working for them, the enemy.

I chose (and enjoy) early retirement, spend less and thus pay less tax than I otherwise would.

Holidays are a problem as most mainstream holiday destinations are a part of the evil. However, you can visit places where tax avoidance is endemic!

Every little helps, or hinders if they don't get it.

This evil monster requires vast amounts of money it is its lifeblood.