Sunday 13 November 2016

Doctor Strange movie review

Excellent movie - emanating from the mostly worthwhile Disney-Marvel superhero series!

I was delighted to discover that the main theme is the spiritual awakening of a modern, Western, materialistic man (the extreme of this typical type) to discover reality beyond the five senses. Which is almost the most important and relevant topic it possibly could have.

As well as its unusually deep core; the movie is very varied, with plenty of humour, some very appealing screen pictures, and impressive fight and action scenes - also a few touching episodes, one of which drew a tear.

The principals (Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton) are both impressive - as these actors usually are.

In sum - go see it, if you like that kind of thing.

Note added - I saw Doctor Strange with my wife and three kids between 14 and 17; and we all thoroughly appreciated it. I should also clarify that this is not a Christian movie - obviously not (being a mainstream Hollywood production) - but at core it does the things most needful for spiritual awakening. Somehow, this message was smuggled-out... thanks to whoever did it.


AnteB said...

I like that you´re willing to see something good in a movie like this. Most bloggers that are in the same sphere as you, so to speak, have this knee-jerk negative reaction against everything coming from Hollywood. I think that is unimaginative because even though Hollywood often is a center of evil I believe there is three impulses that drives movie making.
One is political/spiritual subversion (propaganda), one is hunger for profits and the last is a genuine artistic impulse.
The last impulse can occasionally be about telling good stories, stories that can be subversive of the leftist order (e.g. LoTR, and even the new Batman movies). Sometimes even movies that are made primarily too make money can be harmless or disruptive of the destructive elements of Hollywood. Comic book movies like this, for example, is seemingly not that interested in pushing leftist values.

Have you seen the new "Harry Potter -universe" movie? I thought it was entertaining, though certainly lacking the depth of the HP books/movies. There were also some annoying PC elements.

Bruce Charlton said...

@AnteB - I like most of the X-Men movies too - the latest Apocalypse was good.

I haven't (yet) seen the new Potterverse movie - from the trailers and publicity it looks rather forgettable (and I didn't rate the Harry Potter Movies very highly - although I regard the books as a work of genius)...