Saturday 12 November 2016

Magical thinking - but does that mean it's untrue?

The kite flyers - by William Arkle

It's funny, but in my mind I often label secular Leftist arguments as 'magical thinking' - yet on this blog I often advocate... magical thinking. In other words, recognition of the world beyond the five senses (and scientific measurements).

So, is magical thinking good or bad? The answer is magical thinking is bad (incoherent) if it is based on a metaphysics that rejects the validity of magic; but merely rational if the metaphysical foundations include 'supernatural' realities.

So, what is wrong with the 'magical thinking' of the Left is that they have chosen to accept only a materialist universe of whirling atoms making partly deterministic, partly random patterns (which are only patterns in the mind of a beholder, not objectively); in which death is extinction, and life has no objective purpose or meaning... A life with no base or basis; and yet they speak of, and are attached to, magic hopes.

Of course, this is a good thing from the point of view of their possible salvation - since they continue to recognise what is necessary; even as, with another part of the mind, they reject its reality. At some point they may become aware of their cognitive dissonance, and do something effectual about it.

But for someone like me it would be dishonest not to practise and advocate magical thinking! Indeed, it is a habit I need to cultivate - and perhaps this need is primary.

Magical not in terms of 'ritual magic', which is a quasi-scientific attempt to control the world (in practise, nearly always for personal gain); but in terms of recognising and trying to understand the wide world of causes and entities, outwith the bounds recognised by modern consciousness.

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stephens said...

The great folly of the “Cultural Marxist”/ Leftist movement is in the contradiction that, whilst believing the *magic* does not exist, it (*regardless of the obvious realities of the world*) believes that the magic can be done. That, somehow, if it merely wishes enough (and educates those that are not onboard) that all the peoples will be able to mix in harmony and all work together for the common good, in a more heavenly existence.

It is, somehow, able to ignore the blatant realities, the failure of Communism, partition of India etc. and denies the existence of the “magic”, the “light” that would be absolutely essential for achieving its objectives of heaven on earth.

Worse still it also denies the existence of the “dark” and falsely believes it’s just a trait that can be largely educated out and isolated.

Without a belief in God, without “magical thinking”, how on earth, in the face of the realities of this world, can the magic be done?

They have set us on a dire course and are fated to serve as “useful idiots” for the elites or, worse still, as unaware agents of an evil they deny existence of. They are doomed to utter miserable failure.