Thursday 10 November 2016

Thought Prison: the fundamental nature of Political Correctness by Bruce G Charlton, 2011

Those of my readers who have never yet read it, may be interested to take a look at the first mini-book (about 24,000 words) I published after I became a Christian (2008-9), and simultaneously recognised the evil falsity of the 'Matrix' world of modern Western public discourse. It is now available free online.

I was trying, in this book, to get down to the very roots of Leftism; both in history and in the individual - and the book was written from a perspective rooted in Eastern Orthodoxy as I had it (mostly) from Father Seraphim Rose (especially the book Nihilism which he wrote as Eugene Rose before he became a monk); also from JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.

If you think you might like to tackle Thought Prison, it is worth bearing in mind that although it is short, the style of the book is aphoristic, dense and polemical; and it would probably be wise for a serious reader to copy, paste, edit and print-out the thing; rather than merely skimming it online.


Inductivist said...

Great book. I recommend it.

Spotted Toad said...

I enjoyed it very much, and pointed out here ( how precisely your description of the origins of political correctness matched Hillary Clinton's own self-description in her younger days of the purposes of New Left activism.