Tuesday 29 November 2016

If we could meet; we would get bored with God long before He could ever become bored with us... (From William Arkle)

(Edited from Equations of Being Section Ten) 

We should feel the possibility that our love and friendship matters to our God; for if He is the very wise person who we consider Him to be, then we must look carefully at the nature of such wisdom.

If we had a very wise person sitting with us, in conversation in our living room in our house on earth, this person would be learning more from us than we were learning from him; although he had more wisdom to give us, as it were.

The reason seems to be that wisdom grows at an accelerating rate; the more it has, the more it can get.

Therefore, when we think about our God in the future, we should consider that, if He is keenly involved with us in our attempts to grow, then this does not feel to Him in any way a diminishment. Our God cannot condescend to us, because there is nothing in Him which is able to condescend, for everything to Him is enthralling, educative and beautiful.

If we could witness this meeting of God with ourselves, we may well consider that our God was very humble; but this attitude, which appears to us as condescending and humble, is a natural result of His possessing a high degree of wisdom.

It is a hard thought to bear, but we would get bored with God long before He could ever become bored with us.

We have to remember that we are behaving mechanically most of the time, and that most of the time our true awareness is not functioning through our personality at all.

In fact, if we could remember to put ourselves in God's place, just once in a while, we would very quickly stop doing many of the things that we consider are 'proper' forms of humility and reverence.

A few moments of true love are worth any amount of valuing for any other reason whatsoever.


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