Wednesday 30 November 2016

Another thing I dislike about modern 'Greens' - their (non-religious) Internationalism/ Anti-patriotism

An 'international' perspective is fine and good when it comes to the Christian religion, and the mystical and literal fact of us all being God's children; but within that context patriotism - indeed regionalism, localism and parochialism - is the natural and healthy basic stance for any real environmentalist.

But the bought-and-sold and thoroughly-subverted modern Green political movement is relentlessly inter-nationalist - being far more fascinated by travellers' tales from exotic places than the doings of the actual neighbours; and being cravenly servile to the globalising agenda of the international super-rich cabal of billionaires and mega-celebrities whose exclusive meetings are (apparently) festivals of idealistic environmentalism...

The Greens' 'global agenda' (especially in relation to Climate Change) is a perfect excuse to impose centralised totalitarian systems of bureaucratic universal monitoring and micro-control - with obscene bribes and harsh punishments as the carrots and sticks.

(What place in these strategic plans for the bloody-minded independent farmer with his family living off 'three acres and a cow'?)

The same applies to their spirituality - which is usually some kind of eclectic sampling of remote Eastern religions; Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Jain or whatever - the important thing being that in the form adopted it does not constrain their devotion to the possibilities of an ever-expanding sexual revolution, identity politics-  and all the rest of the mainstream Leftism which a non-negotiable core to the modern Greens. 

By contrast, the older environmental writers were quite naturally loyal-to, patriotic-about, and focused-on, the good aspects of their locality.

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William Wildblood said...

Their spirituality is humancentric. It has no use for God, seeing religion purely in terms of personal growth.