Wednesday 29 November 2017

The persecution of David Icke

The trajectory of the public perception of David Icke over the past 25 years or so has been a barometer of social changes.

From beginning as a sports anchor, through spokesman for the Green Party; to occupying the position of a universal butt of comedians and national 'joke figure' (cyclically ignored and ridiculed) when he re-emerged as a spiritual leader and leading 'conspiracy theorist'; Icke is nowadays regarded as a serious threat to mainstream political strategy - and he is currently being subject to continual harassment, repeated sabotage, and multiple persecutions by a variety of Leftist pressure groups and stooges (see video above for some details).

I have considerable admiration for Icke - who is an inspirational figure for his courage, perseverance and basic decency. Most readers of this blog would find a great deal of insight and wisdom in his 1996 book Phantom Self.

On the other hand; I don't suppose anybody in the world will believe everything David Icke says; and many will (like me) tend to regard most of it to be erroneous, absurd, or exaggerated...

But this does not trouble me; because it is the necessary price we pay for a certain type of exploratory and creative individual.

Icke is intuitive, absolutely independent-minded, and highly speculative; indeed, he has changed many of his ideas and emphases a great deal over the years - so that he does not agree today with what he used to write and say 20 years ago. But then, neither do I agree with my own older ideas (I actively oppose them!) - nor is anybody self-consistent who starts from the near-universal state of delusion and only gradually, by trial and error, approaches reality. We are all of us in much the same position. What matters is our direction of travel...

Anyway, my point here is that Icke has gone from being seen as a 'harmless eccentric' - somebody who made media headlines only for his 'crazy' statements (some of which, however, turned to out be chillingly true; for example the endemic abuse of children by high-level Establishment leaders) - to being regarded as a sinister political demagogue, a man whose ideas are regarded as so dangerously plausible as to require active and aggressive suppression by a swarm of Social Justice Warriors, Antifa, billionaire-funded NGOs, a mayor and a Labour Member of Parliament - backed-up by lies and misrepresentation in the major newspapers and TV News.

The message is clear - for The West, Now.

Dissent from the New Left/ Sexual revolutionary agenda has already been excluded from the mass media; and Icke has therefore put across his message by a combination of self-published books, large hall lecture presentations, a multitude of interviews with 'alternative media' and by his personal web pages. But, over the past year - especially since the US election, and rationalised under the projected-problem of 'false news' - there has been escalating pressure to deny even these minority media outlets to anybody who in any way publicly opposes the Establishment agenda.

Despite being broadly Old Left in orientation, Icke persists in opposing the Left-consensus on many key litmus test issues (such as the recent 'trans' sexual agenda); and consequently he has experienced multiple last-moment cancellations of lectures, has been a victim of multiple covert and dishonest social media censorships, and subjected to continual demonization in mainstream media - plus all the rest of the now familiar methods.

What does this mean? To Icke personally and to his tens of thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of readers and listeners it is a vindication of Icke's analysis - and points to a 'moment of truth'. The time is coming (indeed is past for many people) in which scales fall from eyes, and the essential falsity and wicked-intent of the official world picture is revealed. Then there will be a clear choice presented to each individual - then some may chose to reject The Matrix...

And The Establishment know that their agenda depends on mass delusion and consent - so this could mean the end of decades of progress towards their totalitarian goal of omni-surveillance and micro-management of human behaviour (and thought).

David Icke is surely correct about the existence of a large and evil global conspiracy, and he is also correct that this is guided (across many generations) by demonic forces (which he currently calls the Archons). This spiritual insight is what raises Icke above the mass of conspiracy theorists - that he recognises the reality of a spiritual warfare - and that the conspiracy is not primarily aimed at causing suffering and death but at causing damnation. Icke's reflections on the necessity of love, and his insight that fear (not hate) is the opposite of love, are among the clearest and deepest I have read.

Icke and I part company at this point - since he has become largely anti-Christian (although he admires some aspects of the Gnostics) - and does not talk about God, Heaven or Man's eternal destiny to become divine sons and daughters of God. His metaphysics are wrong, and indeed despair-inducing; and his scheme has no coherent place for genuine free agency...

On the other hand, I would not be surprised if a personally-intuited and reformulated but real Christianity was where Icke eventually ended-up (in this life or beyond); since a spiritual Christianity would be the completion and clarification of his many, various and conflicting ideas.

Still, taken all-round, I regard David Icke as definitely 'a good thing'; well-motivated and a valuable resource, energiser and stimulator - and I solidly support him against his detractors.

And I suspect that if his health holds, and he maintains his past motivation, Icke will outlast and disprove those who currently seek to destroy him.


Michael Dyer said...

If you view the whole lizard people thing as a metaphor he may have a point. It seems so sadistic to torment Icke.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Michael - Exactly - Indeed, he says just that (when given a chance).

Aside from a kind of reflex grumpiness, I don't think Icke is at all seriously bothered by his would-be sadistic tormenters - such people harm themselves, rather than him. I find that admirable.

Lucinda said...

"such people harm themselves, rather than him."

Remembering this really has been a key for me in becoming more free. As long as you fear what others can do against you, or even believe that they CAN really do anything to hurt you against your will, you can never be really free.

Of course the suffering is real, but with the proper perspective, suffering teaches us and improves us. This is more obvious when the suffering occurs as a result of our own choices, but suffering from others' choices... it's hard to articulate how this teaches and improves us, but I really feel it does, even though it doesn't exactly make sense how it would.

Ben said...

Darn well put Lucinda.