Sunday 26 November 2017

Universal institutional bloating, the British Disease (caused by micro-managing bureaucracy = totalitarianism)

The corruption of all major British Institutions, their subversion and inversion into a focus on anti-Christian, materialist Leftist goals (perfectly explicit nowadays, as the only truthful element in generally-dishonest in mission statements) has gone along with a gross institutional bloating - seldom mentioned. Everything is much bigger than in the past - by several-fold.

Three things:

!. The creation of a single, linked bureaucracy, encompassing all institutions. In other words, totalitarianism: the pervasion of all of life, all of the time, by officialdom.

2. Alignment of this bureaucracy to New Leftism: Institutions in pursuit of a (designedly) incoherent oppositional state of permanent revolution (e.g. the ever-expanding, ever-mutating sexual revolution); based on a metaphysics of spiritual denial and materialism, and an ethic of this worldly hedonism/ elimination of suffering.

3. Enlargement of all human units in this linked, evil-motivated bureaucracy and isolation of the individual. Individual judgement replaced by committee - eliminating judgement; morality replaced by voting - eliminating morality; the pursuit of beauty replaced by legalism; truthfulness replaced by obedience...

Because virtue and values are individual, or they are nothing.

(This bureaucratic micro-management just-is totalitarianism - that is, the only end-point is total control of human motivation, behaviour and thinking.)

In sum, destruction of the human in the entirety of public discourse - the only current alleviation being in an instinct-driven world of private, mostly sexual, hedonism.

The family is, of course, prime target; but so are all professions, guilds, unions, workplaces, voluntary organisations, informal groupings. Anything small is crushed by regulations and anything inner-motivated is coshed by enforcements of 'social justice' (every club, activity, family must comply with the latest New Left revolutionary project - must become an agent of positive propaganda for that project).

And the whole thing, the whole process is invisible - because for modern Man there is no underlying reality; hence no meaning (everything is 'random' - despite that in the real world nothing is random), no intention, no authority or validity (only raw power) - most of all no purpose around which it might be possible to understand and aim.

Institutional bloating is the consequence - for all units it is a case of conform and grow - or die.

Grow and conform - or die. Leveraged and leveraged - not for the sake of efficiency, but to enable inefficiency. Not for the sake of effectiveness - but to ensure ineffectiveness. Not so that the institutions become more powerful but to ensure that they have no power except that which is allocated from above.

As a sop and a distraction, we have a mass media dedicated to promoting the value of 'friends' - as a replacement for the destruction of families, and institutions, and a sense of place... on the understanding that modern friendship is merely mutual-exploitation; so that when when reality bites, when the chips are down, when we are weak and isolated... friends melt-away and we recognise we are on-our-own against the international bureaucracy.

One against everybody and everything...

Of course, in context of a proper, real, deep, eternal understanding of the nature of reality - this is a fair fight; indeed a fight of one against The System is a fight that the individual will certainly win.

Which is why it is vital to the System that individuals do not know reality - that reality is ruled-out by assumption; thus immune to all possible experience.

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Chiu ChunLing said...

It is key to understand the nature of the victory of the individual over the bureaucracy. It is precisely because virtue and values are individual, or they are nothing. The bureaucracy is a behemoth, but it is mindless and rotting to the very extent that it is fully bureaucratic. It is only when directed by the will of a determined individual that it becomes effective. There can be many individuals abusing (for the presumption of the bureaucracy is precisely the impersonal character that keeps it from adapting to present circumstances, thus all purposeful use is innately abuse) the mechanisms of the bureaucracy at any moment. The aggregate effect is for the bureaucracy to grow as each individual inflates and engorges that part which is obedient to their own will.

It is also important to realize that the "hedonism" which is being pushed forward is not instinctive at all, but in every way tends to subvert and deaden natural sexuality. There is more and more sex, but the perversion of the sexual acts away from instinct makes them less genuinely satisfying, not only instinctively but emotionally. This lack of satisfaction is what drives the ever greater quantity of ever less pleasurable sexual perversions, until the sex is merely degrading and unpleasant, sought out merely because to fail to do so is to stand condemned in the eyes of the cultural establishment.

But this also bears the fruits of destruction of the perverse social norms, for it remains normal sexuality that remains fecund and results in the primary transmission of the values of parents to their children. The sterility of the most perverse sexuality, along with the emotionally damaged and thus mentally crippled result of the less perverse but still unhealthy sexual relationships, means that the children of parents with normal sexuality will always have the long-term advantage even if they are few in number in a given generation.

Institutional bloat is indeed a disease, like any disease it depends on the host for survival. It cannot kill the host without killing itself, but the opposite is not true.