Thursday 16 November 2017

Thoughts on thinking: thought during a migraine

The Owen Barfield Blog continues to grow - with 33 cumulative reposts since it began just a few weeks ago.

Today's post there is a particular favourite insight, or confirmation, that I recently had during the lucid period of a severe migraine under-treatment:

The conviction that primary thinking of the real self is identical with Owen Barfield's Final Participation.

Which is to say that such thinking is intrinsically true, creative and loving.

Such is a brief and partial glimpse of what it is to be a god - that is, to become (for a time) fully what were are from the beginning of Creation destined to become: Sons and Daughters of God.

(But, in the meantime, we still have much to experience and to learn; which is why such experiences are - necessarily, because by intent - infrequent and incomplete.)

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