Monday 13 November 2017

What was it like to Be Jesus?

 Walk with me by Greg Olsen

In trying to imagine what Jesus felt as he lived his life; it comes to me that he experienced it as a Man does (and should).

In particular, Jesus did not know what would happen until it was happening. However (unlike you and I) when it was happening - when Jesus was actually in the situation - he always knew exactly what to do: he knew and did the right thing.

Yet, until that moment, nobody could have said what 'the right thing' was - indeed, Jesus himself could not have said it: he needed to live it to know it.

This was an unique ability of Jesus. He recognised these moments, not by prediction nor by prophecy but as they arose - in general, he recognised the prophecies were happening (certainly he could not have said in advance-detail how the prophecies were going-to-be fulfilled).

Unlike ourselves; for Jesus life was Not trial-and-error. Yet neither did Jesus know his path before he trod it: rather, his path unfolded under his feet as he walked...

For example, and perhaps the most significant example; it seems that Jesus did not fully know why he was here nor exactly what he had to do, until it was done - until 'it is finished'; at which point he died.

This was to live in perfect faith. Not to live by unconscious instinct, neither to 'manufacture' a life of rules worked-out in theory beforehand; but knowing precisely what to do, exactly when it needed to be done - knowing this sometimes from within, and sometimes by asking in prayer.

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