Thursday, 8 November 2018

Blondie: Atomic - For your Beautiful Doomed Youth moods...

Blondie were one of the very best New Wave bands (late 1970s early 80s); with several first rate singles. Atomic is certainly one of their finest - an extraordinary composition and superbly performed, which repays repeated listening

What I like about this: The Duane Eddy style guitar riff repeating over modal harmonies, the driving hi-hat percussion, and superb bass playing - here and throughout. The unexpected key changes between sections. The subtle way that synthesisers are used - hardly noticeable early and coming forward throughout. The way that the everything drops-out to almost nothing halfway, merely synth keeping-time, before rebuilding via a bass solo, and drum break, leading back to the main riff and the full-on sound.

As usual, Debbie Harry's vocals are outstanding; especially her low register singing.

The general atmosphere projected is decadent, appropriate to that era and that stage of my life: partying on the verge of (perceived) annihilation - alluring but deadly.