Friday 16 November 2018

TrumpPhobia among the liberal religious/ spiritual

When I venture into the mainstream mass media I expect strategic evil from the professionals - including systematically attacking Donald Trump for his virtues and his good statements and policies; but the mainstream religious/ spiritual blogs and social media are more worrying for what they reveal of stubborn, determined, deep-assumption-based adherence to the evil agenda.

In fact (from what I gather - necessarily very indirectly, via media of one sort or another), Trump is a considerably better-than-average mainstream US politician;  better in the sense of what he says and does - mainly better in terms of honesty and courage when it comes to some of the most difficult terror-enforced Leftist-pieties. For that he deserves credit.

On the other hand, nothing Trump has said or done suggests he is going to reverse the primary, deep, sin of the USA or the West: its anti-Christian materialism in public discourse (and individual subjectivity). So, we should not be misled;  Trump's leadership is only a better version of the same slow poison that has afflicted us since the early 19th century.

And it is here that the comment sections among the self-identified spiritual and religious people are so worrying. In the depth and vehemence of their TrumpPhobia they demonstrate a metaphysical commitment to the agenda of evil that undercuts all surface protestations of spirituality and religious concern.

These may well include people who spend many waking hours in meditation, prayer, reading edifying texts, doing altruistic works, conversing with others of their ilk, perhaps participating in church organisation and Christian services. They are people who seem to themselves and most others to be sincere. Yet this entire edifice is - plainly - erected upon cowardice, dishonesty and evil-intent.

I should not be surprised, since this is exactly what has been prophesied from the End Times, and I believe that we are in the End Times; but I must admit it does surprise me, recurrently.

And it emphasises that what is required of us - if we are to stop and reverse these end times - is an awakening and rebirth that is so deep, so metaphysical, so wide-ranging - that nothing of the kind has been known since the incarnation of Jesus.

We need not worry about looking for signs of such a thing, because if it were to happen it would be so obvious as to amount to a societal earthquake; although it would, inevitably, be misunderstood and misrepresented.

But unless or until something like this happens - when we will need to use all our powers of individual discernment to discriminate a real Christian rebirth from an Antichrist deception - we can and must proceed as individuals... not merely to resist (that is grossly insufficient and unsustainable) but to move-forward to the only possible counter-attack: which I term Romantic Christianity - a Christianity that encompasses and transforms our consciousness and brings The World alive, and makes its meaning and purpose a matter of direct personal experience.


Karl said...

No wonder Trump got rich in real estate:
he lives rent-free in everybody's head!

Bruce Charlton said...

@Karl - Not mine; but clearly I needed to make an evaluation of some sort.

In practice, the evaluation substantially made itself - because of the people involved, what they were saying, what were the unspoken assumptions behind what they were saying.

Of course, this says not-much about the man himself - but that is seldom reliably possible to evaluate remotely; although sometimes it is, however; sometimes the heart tells us - as with most of the Western national leadership class at present, whose status as explicit servants of the demonic is So Obvious that I find it embarrasing in its nakedness.

William Wildblood said...

If we could define what is good about Trump in the context of the modern world and its deep-seated spiritual and intellectual corruption we might help people see that his obvious faults are necessary to the purification he might (though probably won’t) bring about. He’s like an emetic that causes a vomiting up of the poison in the body politic. You wouldn’t want that as part of your regular diet but sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.

I think he has courage and a kind of honesty in that he says what he thinks without duplicity or simulation. Obviously he’s no saint or even a good person (who is though?) but he has the great virtue of making the liars and deceivers of the modern age, what you rightly call explicit servants of the demonic, froth at the mouth with rage. He’s disrupting their smooth takeover of the human soul which drives them mad and brings out their viciousness.

Nathaniel said...

It's like the Pope, postering that he's so deeply spiritual with his vague statements and occasional pious statements. He was happy to attack Trump and US attempts at self-preservation from "spiritual" grounds. Then we find out when it comes down to actually dealing with child molestation though he obfuscates, delays, blames - makes the abusers his closest associates. He has shown himself to be an evil man and a coward.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Trump isn't a politician.

He's a reality TV star who was cast to play a populist candidate in order to discredit the remaining opposition to the Marxist takeover of America. He was a fake.

Then something terrifying (for him and his employers, at least) happened. It turned out the "remaining opposition" was bigger, meaner, stronger, and way more dangerous than the Marxists trying to finalize their takeover. Trump isn't being particularly brave by keeping up the act of being an American popular nationalist (which he doesn't always do very well). He's being smart. He's now surrounded by people whom he's genuinely terrified of betraying, but he's staying as cool as he can and playing along.

And the longer that goes on, the more confident he's becoming that he's picked the smart money. He realizes that, even if the patriotic Americans don't win, the Marxists are simply not going to survive. America is going down to destruction, along with the entire modern global civilization. But the fury over that is not going to be satisfied short of the extermination of Marxism and its allies in America.

There is still plenty of damnation to go around, modern American patriotism is deeply stained with the materialism that is the common parent of Marxism and Fascism. Scapegoating Marxists alone won't expiate that sin.

But while not the best possible start, it isn't the worse either.

TonguelessYoungMan said...

Not directly related, yet I just realized, by reading this post, that the pompously titled "enlightenment", which led ultimately to leftism, was started by idolizing paganism in art and literature, in Renaissance Italy.

Jared said...

This is kind of a comment on the last two posts together, but I think that the reason why people who want power lie (including the devil) is that they see truth being defined as relative as their ultimate value, because they want there to be no truth, because they hate the truth. I think that is why that in these last times that the devil has such a hold on people, that we see such crazy things like transgenderism being justified by people who seem otherwise normal.
I agree that if there was a reawakening such as was described in the post by Dr. Charlton, it would be like an earthquake and quite obvious, but I don't know if it will happen.
I feel like Trump is giving America some time to breathe because I think him being elected probably resulted in some bad things being staved off for a while.
It's good to see current politics through a lens that is Christian on this blog.

I think once someone has lied or chosen the wrong thing in some other way, they have a choice to hold on to their pride in themselves or to love the truth more than they love their wrong conception of themselves that they have developed from choosing the wrong. If it turns out there is not going to be a socially significant awakening such as an earthquake level strength occurrence as was described, we can each still choose to do the significant thing of choosing to follow God. In this, the recent post on bureaucracy was really inspiring, I thought, because it seems like there's nothing we can change in the world. And maybe there isn't. But we still have a choice in what we do and think.