Friday 16 November 2018

Why does the devil lie?

Why does the devil lie? Why do the servants and slaves of darkness lie?

To manipulate our will.

To make us want that which is evil: hate that which is good.

Make the beautiful be known as ugly; and the vile desirable.

And to render Truth too simple, obvious, crude, cruel.

It is to affect our values that the devil lies.

Ultimately, it is so each shall will his own damnation; that the demonic forces lies.


The Crow said...

The fault is ours, completely, in that we are so prone to have values.
There is The Way and there is what is not The Way.
Right and not-right.
Free will.
Like anything else: if it's free, it has no value.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Of course, the flip side is that this is also why God and the servants of light tell the truth.

What we're willing to believe possible is, to a very great extent, shaped by what we want to be possible. Indeed, this is the necessary component which distinguishes "belief" from "knowledge" in the general psychological sense.

And "knowledge" in the specific correspondence to reality sense from "truth".