Tuesday 13 November 2018

Evil via bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is identical with totalitarianism - a world (such as we inhabit) in which bureaucracy is constantly growing and increasing in scope and penetration; and in which the bureaucracies are linked, just is a totalitarian world: that is, an evil world.

It is not the aim of bureaucracy that is evil, it is the fact of bureaucracy which is evil. The medium is the message.

Most educated people are primarily bureaucratic functionaries; all are significantly bureaucrats, and in all instances the bureaucratic element is increasing.

The origin of bureaucracy is that deep impulse of rebellion against God and creation that we call Leftism - and most bureaucracies are concerned with Leftist projects - but bureaucracy's great advantage (as an instrument) is that its evil is in the form rather than the content: it appears to be a machine or tool, usable for various purposes - thus the enemies of he Left hoped to use bureaucracy against the left.

However, the opposite happened. All opposition to the Left was absorbed-into bureaucracy; and became the Left.

And bureaucracy is everywhere. Bureaucracy has become Real Life: What is not bureaucracy is not really real - bureaucracy is The Bottom Line.

Any attempt to attack, must bureaucratise to be Real; hence is absorbed before it achieves anything.

If the material world was all there is, we would be doomed. If groups were primary and the individual existed to serve groups, we would be doomed. If the public world of laws, regulations, and communication; of power, propaganda, punishment were the only Reality, we would be doomed. If what we did was all that mattered and what we thought was irrelevant - there would be no hope.

But it isn't, it isn't, it is Not.

And realising this; all may be well. Because there is God, direct knowing, participation in creation; because life extends beyond mortality - because of all that is left-out of bureaucracy; we are not helpless.

We have a job to do.

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