Thursday, 29 November 2018

The cure for insanity is Not common sense...

We live in an insane world - and with the new pervasiveness and aggression of the transgender agenda the insanity is upfront and and inyourface in a way that has never been true for any known society in history.

So, how have people responded? Well, most deny the insanity. Most can't see that only an insane society could have swallowed this level of insanity and tried to carry-on-regardless.

The fact is that - by now - insanity is integrated-into our bureaucratic systems and is hourly fare in the mass/ social media to which most people are addicted.

Thus, most people have careers in systematic insanity (systematic bureaucracy that integrates insanity) and almost every hour they can spare from their work of being bureaucratic drones is spent face buried in a 'smart'-phone avidly sucking-in insanity from the mass-social media.

How insane can things get before people say no? Well, because we have already come this far, the answer is: any amount of insane, a lot more insane - as insane as They want.

Of course, Things can't work when insanity is integrated and strategically-prioritised - but in an insane world, collapsing capacity can/ will be blamed on Somebody Else (probably 'white supremacists') - so it doesn't matter.

All that matters is what is going-on in people's minds - that is what the Evil Establishment realise - and they are absolutely correct, in an ultimate sense.

Using common sense to argue against insanity, amounts to collusion with the motivation-destroying materialism of modern life.

The real battle is in the mind: For the mind.