Wednesday 21 November 2018

Why schemes of reform are futile - indeed, counter-productive

I find myself more and more convinced at the futility - and therefore net harmfulness - of schemes of social, political, economic and any other kind of reform.

What happens is that I will often enjoy and appreciate the 'critique'-orientated 'introduction' to reform schemes, in which there is a description and analysis of the problems. But then, when it comes to making suggestions of how things might be improved, I just become escalatingly irritated and annoyed - and quit in disgust!

Not because the proposed improvements are 'wrong' but because They Will Not Happen; indeed they cannot happen.

The reason that they won't/ can't happen is the same reason that they haven't already happened but instead the opposite has happened - and that reason is the motivation of the people involved...

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Chiu ChunLing said...

There is a lot of value to pointing out that something could be done if people actually wanted to fix the problem.

The lack of will to address a problem can only be confronted when there is a possible and known action they could take which would clearly fix the problem. As long as people can hide behind the belief that there is nothing they can do anyway, they do not have to admit their lack of will.

While I consistently maintain that the worst problems of humanity are insoluble, I always stress that this is because people are not willing to do what is right. And while the existence (and efficacy) of right actions in response to many human problems has to be taken on faith, there is no problem with pointing out right actions that we can prove would be possible if people actually wanted to fix things.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - Maybe in theory - in practice people just lie and double down. How could they do otherwise, given their beliefs?

Chiu ChunLing said...

It is not of value to them. They already know that they don't really want to fix the problem. The value is for people who are honestly trying to discern who has any interest in fixing the problem.

Including those who originate solutions and have the chance to see how it tears the mask off those who are profiting from the continued existence of the problem.