Sunday 11 November 2018

Rereading Rudolf Steiner - a plan

I plan to re-read Rudolf Steiner's; this time focusing on the later books (rather than the much greater bulk of transcribed lectures) produced after the philosophical trio (i.e. the books from c. 1898 onwards, published after GA/ Opus 2, 3, 4).

My plan is to listen to them being read aloud by Dale Brunsvold, while taking notes in real time.

The re-reading is based upon five principles I have adopted with respect to Steiner:

1. Anthroposophy is a spiritual path; but Spiritual Science (Geisteswissenschaft) is a systematised expression of what has been discovered by Anthroposophy. Thus Anthroposophy is primary and directly-known; Spiritual Science is secondary and communicated. Anthroposophy I can and must know for myself; Spiritual Science must be understood and interpreted.

2. Steiner is a major, vital thinker of our era.

3. Most of what Steiner wrote (and to a lesser extent said) is derived-from Anthroposophical insights that are true; and therefore such writings contain that which is likely to reward consideration.

4. However, most of what Steiner wrote (and to a greater extent said) is Spiritual Science, and is presented in a way that is over-specified, over-elaborated, over-systematised. Therefore, it required a substantial degree of personal intuitive interpretation.

5. The Plan, therefore, is to seek for the simple and true insights that lie below, behind and within the complex and error-scattered surface.


Tobias said...

That is some task you have set yourself. Will you share your insights as they become known to you?


Bruce Charlton said...

@Tobias - My blogging is not planned - but whatever 'notion' comes into my head on a particular hour of a particular day; but presumably the results of reading will affect the notions!