Sunday 4 November 2018

Where are we going, where do we Want to go?

The reason for the current - increasingly wild - accusations of Conspiracy Theory in the mainstream mass media - is that it is becoming increasingly obvious where things are going.

Anyone who notices where we are going and says it in public discourse, is accused of being a Conspiracy Theorist, therefore a mad/ evil/ idiot - therefore ought to be Shut-Up: quickly and forcibly.

And as it becomes more obvious where we are going; it is also obvious that the mass of people do not wish to go there.

But... for this reluctance to amount to anything other than a delay; there would need to be some alternative idea of where we want instead to go. It just isn't enough to say No Thanks! It isn't enough to keep walking, but drag your feet... You will still, for sure, end-up at the intended place.

If we don't want to go There, we must go somewhere else - must, Stop going there, turn to face a different direction, and start moving in that different direction.

(Fortunately...) That Other Direction does Not, in fact, have to be one single direction towards everybody suddenly begins marching in lock-step... No.

It could indeed be a multitude of different directions, with each direction pursued by an individual, or just small cohesive and supportive groups; people turning and walking towards many destinations; but simply Not the destination towards which the Global Establishment want us all to proceed.

We don't need to provide a unitary cohesive plan for what to do, don't need to align everybody to do that one thing together - so long as each individual is seriously motivated to do something other-than slouching together towards totalitarian damnation.

And this is why current persecution of dissent goes down to the capillary level of even tiny groups, families, individuals... Every-body, every-mind, every-soul matters.

What is vital is individual strength of motivation; and what is vital for strength of motivation is that the Whole Man be engaged. Which means that the Whole of Reality - including the currently-excluded-divine, including the excluded spiritual - becomes known as true, re-appropriated; becomes the basis of daily living.

And that is a job that can only be done by each individual - for himself. And each individual makes a significant difference; as should be obvious by now...


Hrothgar said...

And this is why modern secular conservatism fails, fails, and fails again - and indeed, must always and inevitably fail in the long term. It has precisely nothing with which to oppose the inherently demonic-destructive agenda of the open and official Left except a desire to preserve the already heavily corrupted status quo - which since it is already corrupted and is not itself oriented to any meaningful alternative, must always eventually bow to pressure from the left and shift ever leftward itself over time.

In practical terms today's political conservatism is generally the mainstream Leftism of about twenty or thirty years ago, while the mainstream Left inherits the beliefs of its extremist radical fringes over the same time period. The extremist fringes of the Left now are clearly dipping more and more into outbreaks of increasingly frenzied insanity and showing signs of actual, willing demonic possession, which indicates the true end-game of the whole charade, for those who still have eyes to see. It is also where the mainstream norm itself will shift to in about two generations, maybe three if there is a last-ditch, desperate intensification of "Conservative" resistance, without a sea-change in attitude and a mass revival of faith.

Bruce Charlton said...

@H - Agreed. Although I literally cannot imagine things going-on for three generations without collapse. The Western populations competent to maintain things are collapsing (in number, in competence, in motivation) so fast that it is visible over an ever shorter timescale. This biological decline is something that (I believe) the demons have not included in their calculations - because they do not want actual collapse, but sustained crisis.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Well, there is no crisis without danger, is there? Without the ever increasing risk of collapse, how could you even call it a crisis?

That's the flip side of the accusations of heterodoxy, the system is becoming ever more unstable and simply failing to support it is effective resistance. Indeed, failing to support it to a superhuman degree is enough to ensure it cannot go on.