Tuesday 13 July 2021

A life of self-'exclusion', or Living outside the System? Is it possible? How?

WmJas Tychonievich clarifies that the invented 'ethical' imperative against 'ex-clusion' masks the fact of coercive and mandatory in-clusion of all individuals within the global totalitarian System ('the Matrix'); also that, increasingly, self-exclusion (that is, anybody choosing to live outside of the System and its tightly-controlled ideology) is forbidden

But does forbidden mean impossible? Well... not exactly. Because the System is - by design - a machine of damnation - Therefore They want everybody to want to live inside it. This is why They invited the fake positive morality of inclusion, and manufactured abhorrence of exclusion. The built-in covert assumption behind-which is that everybody, necessarily and always, wants to be on the inside.  

Because the crucially damning (i.e. salvation-rejecting) effect of the System is when people embrace and endorse the System - think by it. To regard the System as Good is a demonic value-inversion; which entails regarding Heaven as bad. 

However, the System ceases to be an effective instrument of evil when someone knows the nature of evil (i.e. opposition to God, divine creation, The Good), has recognized the System as being evil, and has rejected the System for that reason

The global totalitarian System is a material one, which excludes the spiritual (denies the reality of the spiritual) - because only the material realm is controllable. The System now includes all of public discourse, and all major institutions (including the churches); and its grip increases daily. 

Of course, those demonic Beings who control the System are not themselves material - and They know perfectly well the reality of God, creation and The Good (which they oppose). It is this larger perspective of the demons that enables them to control the System and to make it served the goals of damnation - while their human servants and dupes are mostly oblivious. 

The strategy of totalitarian evil is to induce an habitual, passive, unconscious materialism among all humans; thus to confine them completely within the System - hence to be able fully to monitor and control them.   

So, it is not - after all - difficult to escape the System; because the spiritual realm lies beyond. But escape is not in the physical realm - not in the realm of society or culture - not in any institution (including not in a church - when church is functioning in the public realm) - since all of these are by-now net-absorbed-into the System (corrupted, converged); and the System is evil. 

The spiritual real is explicitly known only in the realm of thinking; and within thinking in that kind of thinking that could be called direct knowing, conscious intuition or heart-thinking: in other words the spiritual is to be found in thinking that comes from our real (and divine) self

Such thinking is undetectable and uncontrollable by the System. 

And such thinking participates in a realm of primary thinking that is shared by, contributed-to, accessed-by - all other Beings who are engaged in intuitive direct knowing. So, we are not alone. 

Yet, heart-thinking and direct knowing are only temporary and partial states in this mortal life - which is instituted for our experience and learning - for our 'education'. We who live in this era of global totalitarianism have each, personally, much to learn from the experiences (which is indeed why we are alive, now).  

And we may - if we have made the right choices and have the right values - also have a life outside of the System in addition to the spiritual realm of primary thinking; I mean the realm of love: love of family, spouse, children, real-friends - and including (for some people) love that crosses the portal and encompasses some of the 'so-called-dead'.

So there is life outside the System; life which always and necessarily escapes the System and is free! Yet, as the System increases its scope and grip, this free and loving life is a more-and-more completely a spiritual life, which we may consciously know almost wholly in the realm of (primary) thinking.  


MagnusStout said...

This seems fundamentally correct and brings to mind the works of people incarcerated for their Christianity across the world. Those who were incarcerated, and kept their faith, found deeper spiritual truths that eluded freer individuals. In the words of one: "God is very close in prison." On a more abstract level, something similar was echoed by Viktor Frankl in Man's Search for Meaning upon his realization of the "why" some people survived the death camps others wasted away: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

The part that I am struggling to understand is this: I understand the obligation of individuals to live a God-centered life; however, we are also members of a community and have community obligations as well (think about those individuals who cannot make such decisions for themselves and who rely upon the greater community). So, granted the System is global in reach, but not yet total in power (just look to the Amish right now and other marginal groups). Put differently, shouldn't we then seek to create Christian separatist groups in order to live according to these spiritual principles for as long as possible (even if the final outcome is the eventual domination of the System)?

My other thought about why physical separatism may be important (even if merely an interim step), is that this blog (and others) are part of the System (Google is quite an Evil company). Absent extraordinary technical means, it seems inevitable that you (and others) will be "deplatformed." And, without the jab (or, "peck"), people will be under permanent house arrest (and perhaps unemployed). Why not use this "window of freedom" to assemble such groups?

Bruce Charlton said...

@MS - Such groups are going to be of the same form as the family (Gemeinschaft rather than Gessellschaft) - and probably, in most cases, actual families. Love based rather than rule based. Therefore, cannot be prescribed - nor is there a method for building them; other than to know and value them.

By my understanding; this is exactly what Jesus modelled and taught in the Fourth Gospel: https://charltonteaching.blogspot.com/2018/12/gemeinschaft-not-gesellschaft-in-fourth.html

Francis Berger said...

Yes, spot on. An excellent summation of system distancing and why it is so crucial from a spiritual perspective!

AlanR said...

Very interesting post with a lot to chew over. I'm always wondering about who "They" are - we hear so many suggestions: freemasons, council of 13, rothschilds, bankers, the list goes on and on. I'm interested that you specifically call them out as actual demons. And it does seem impossible to me that mere humans could create this all-encompassing matrix that spans centuries if not millennia.
Someone else I watched recently was saying the only way to win the game is not to play. We pawns need to realise we are actually pawns, and step off the chess board.