Tuesday 13 July 2021

A River Somewhere - wit and fishing in beautiful locations (ABC - 1997-8)

I watched A River Somewhere when it first arrived on UK cable TV in the late 1990s. My wife and I enjoyed it so much that we 'imported' the VHS tapes of the two series; bought direct from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation; and slowly dispatched to England after being (it seemed) strapped to the backs of sea turtles. 

We don't usually enjoy travel or fishing programmes - but this one is different; being presented by two droll chaps called Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner who usually work as comedians; but who also love fishing (especially that most picturesque type: fly fishing). The series consists of their visits to various places around the world to engage in this pastime. 

The production values are high, the rivers and their settings look absolutely wonderful, the atmosphere soothing; but woven through the pictures is a quietly amusing commentary from the two lads - who seem to be (and are) old college friends and work colleagues. The flavour is something like an Aussie Three Men in a Boat.

After the first couple of episodes (in which they were finding their feet - which is why I linked to episode three, above) each is very artfully constructed; with the same kind of crafted but convincing 'spontaneity' that might be seen from Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear*

To complete the package - the acoustic guitar dominated background music is really pleasing; and the into/ outro theme is beautiful and memorable. 

*Whose recent Clarkson's Farm I would also recommend, both for belly laughs and also a lot of interesting stuff about English farming - 2020 style! 

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