Saturday 31 July 2021

A prophecy of humbling - but then spiritual revival - for Britain (made before the birdemic)

I post this prophecy from before the birdemic for you to exercise your discernment upon. I do so because I found it both thought-provoking and cheering. 

I am satisfied that both the 'prophet' - a pastor called Chris Wickland - and the host of this web site (Richard Barker) are decent and sincere men who have taken the right side in the spiritual war of these times. 

The podcast is probably the best way to get it; but here is an excerpt from the transcript:

Sadly, My own Church has failed to see how impoverished and how weakened she has become. She is literally now a remnant in this country. Yet I will do great things with a remnant...

Mark My words, punishment will come for the sins that have covered this land. But ... this punishment is not to destroy this nation. This punishment is to humble her and to chastise her, that she may repent of her wicked ways and turn back to Me. 

...I will bring Revival, but it will not be like any revival that has been before. It will be uncontainable; it will be uncontrollable; and the world will HATE it because it will be so strong and it will be so powerful that they cannot ignore it. ... 

Men will just drop into two distinct camps: those that love Me and those that absolutely hate Me. This is why in many respects these days are dangerous days, because it will polarize people, in ways stronger than they are now; but you will know the righteous and you will know the evil... 

Mark My words, I will do something wonderful with this country; I will restore law and order to this country. This country has become lawless and it has no more order to it... 

I am going to do a new thing. And many men will lay down their crowns and place down their swords before Me and repent and give their lives to me. And many powerful men and women who vehemently hate My name, will come to know Me and love My name. 

The very ones that brought in those [evil] laws, I will turn into trophies of grace to make the enemy despised in his own camp, for I will make those who passed those wicked laws be the ones that undo them, for they will reveal the secrets and the dark intent and heart of sinful wicked flesh. And the world or this country at least, will look on in horror at the things that they’ve released and allowed in this country, and they will be rescinded and retracted.

As you can see - this is a very precise prophecy. If some of the very same leaders who have introduced so many evil laws to this nation were publicly to repent, resign their power, and place themselves in God's service - then such an extraordinarily unlikely event should be very obvious. 


Bruce Charlton said...

@MH - Thank you.

MagnusStout said...

Contemporary prophecy is very difficult for me to discern. I start by using the following filters:

(1) Is this a message from the Lord? No weird aliens/shamans/etc...?
(2) Do they mix any known untruths (ex: fawning support of contemporary Israel, Republicans, etc...)?
(3) Have they ever been wrong? Prophecy from God is always 100% true.
(4) Are they asking for money or selling merch?
(5) Is the prophecy specific enough to be falsified?

Those questions filter the vast majority of "prophecy." What remains can then be taken up in prayer. Since we have Free Will, and God is Love, He always wants His children to repent and seek communion with Him.

When I read Mr. Wickland's comments about church closures being evil's aim, I agree 100% and felt that in March 2020. I also agree that the remnant will work miracles (as it always has in the past). However, there are some odd things he mixes in, like Biblical literalism and this phrase: "many who are your enemies in these days will become your friends and neighbours in the days to come." Okay, that's possible but feels like "hopium."

A good guide is to know and compare it with real prophecy such as the turn-around in Ninevah. Does his prediction echo that pattern and other Biblical patterns? After all, God is the same today as yesterday.

My spiritual intuition is that things will get worse (that doesn't mean we are hopeless). I don't see nearly enough repentance from people. Maybe that will happen when enough people are injured by the vexx? Well, either that or people's hearts will harden even more (like pharaoh) and the "pain train" will continue.

The current nastiness in the UK, Canada and Australia will make it to the US sooner or later. A revival there would spell optimism for the rest of the world.

Epimetheus said...

That's beautiful. That hit the spot. Thanks!

Bruce Charlton said...

@MS - Well, I certainly agree that prophetic claims must be subject to our best discernment like any other claim from anybody...

And claims to have devised a valid prophecy checklist that discerns reliably between true and false prophecy, are themselves claims that equally need to be subject to discernment - if you get my point?

MagnusStout said...

Yes. That's my personal list born from my personal failures at discernment (ex: I believed Dana Coverstone's original dreams). Ultimately, the only thing that matters is this: either the prophecy ("thus sayeth the Lord") unfolds as predicted, or does not. If not, then it obviously is not from God, because He does not lie.