Friday 2 July 2021

The birdemic peck - Why Not?

The way things work under a totalitarian demonic dictatorship is... instructive. 

Those of us who have been the subject of politically correct witch hunts over recent decades, or who have friends or colleagues thus demonized, were given a vivid advance-experience of what everybody-in-the-world is now getting. 

(Albeit, very few of the witch-hunted learned the right lessons, or indeed any lessons - then as now. Experience only favours the prepared mind - and in a materialist, leftist, atheist world - extremely few minds are prepared to learn from experience.) 

Everybody-in-the-world has-been or will-be confronted with the decision of whether or not to accept the birdemic peck. 

Of course - at some point, maybe soon - pecking may become mandatory and compelled; but the demons regard it as spiritually important that we consent to our own corruption (ideally we should embrace it, want it); so compulsion may not affect our spiritual decision. 

Because to be physically-compelled to participate in evil, against one's spiritual judgment; and/but then to repent this - is in fact a victory for God. 

The matter of the peck is confused by materialist expedience

Of course it is physically harmful (that is a genuine no-brainer) - only the scope of which is uncertain; but that is not the real point... 

If pecking is avoided because of physical harm as such - this is not a spiritual decision but merely one kind of expedience - an expedience that values physical health above social acceptance. 

So peck-rejecters might well be ultra-materialists, hence on the demonic side. 

In sum; to be good, the peck must be rejected for the right reasons

The peck is a unprecedentedly-massive illustration of the established facts that the social activities, the professional and powerful institutions of science and medicine are dead - having been incrementally absorbed into the single global bureaucracy over the past 50-plus years, and become systemically-dishonest. But even if they weren't dead; neither science nor medicine are grounds for existential decisions concerned with salvation. 

So why not the peck? If material expedience should not be our priority, then why not go along? Why Not inwardly consent to the easiest, the mandatory, path? 

Not many people will be able to avoid such a thought rising in their minds. And the 'why not?' question is unanswerable for many/ most modern Men - especially given the extreme cowardice and habitual dishonesty engendered by denial of God and the spiritual. 

Is there any simple and clear answer to this deadly formulation of Why Not? Preferably an answer that does not require multiple assumptions and long chains of reasoning. An answer that fits with common sense human reasoning, and does not require expert knowledge of exactly what the peck may do, or is intended to do...

I think the best answer comes from knowledge of the spiritual war of this mortal world between God and evil; and the inference that those who advocate the peck are on the side of evil. 

Once this is clear, then it is obvious that we should not do what They are very keen we should do. 

We may not, probably do not, know exactly why They so-very-much want us to do 'it' (whatever 'it' may be); but (given their clear and sustained intent) we can be confident that 'it' will be for a bad reason and to cause us spiritual harm: tending towards damnation. 

When dealing with evil people, that is with habitual and gross liars, it is often (in practice) impossible to establish what specific evil reason They are intending. 

But whatever it is, we can be sure that it is evil; and is meant to damn us. 

And that is all we need to know. 


Francis Berger said...

Very well expounded! The material implications of the peck are one thing, but the spiritual implications of the peck are rarely considered. To voluntarily agree to the peck at this point is to voluntarily comply with evil.

Unfortunately, religious leaders (including Christian priests and clergy of all denominations) are at the forefront of the peck persuasion campaign. The other day, I noted how this is an explicit part of the System's current peck strategy.

The need for spiritual discernment cannot be understated.

My name is Matt said...

This is how I came to realize after the fake 2020 USA election that voting was evil - the powers that be were pushing voooting so hard. Made me realize that anything they want me to do that badly must have evil intent behind it. Appreciate your blog Mr. Charlton; it's extremely useful for helping to keep my spiritual thinking clear.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks for this, Bruce. I don't think I've ever had such a strong intuition for something relating to the material world as I've had regarding this peck. It's not because it might be dangerous though that's certainly a factor. There is something more that you sum up when you say "we should not do what They are very keen we should do. We may not, probably do not, know exactly why They so-very-much want us to do 'it' (whatever 'it' may be); but (given their clear and sustained intent) we can be confident that 'it' will be for a bad reason and to cause us spiritual harm: tending towards damnation. "

That is just it. The precise reason to refuse it is unclear but somehow we know that submitting to it is spiritually wrong. I did a thought experiment in which I allowed myself to be pecked and I felt a real visceral revulsion that went beyond mere physical reaction.

I have decided when pushed on this matter, and I have been both from my GP and work colleagues, to say something along these lines. "Do you believe in intuition? I do. I trust my intuition and my intuition is telling me in the strongest possible terms to stay away from this intervention." People don't really know how to respond to this but if you say it with firm conviction and no emotion it does make some kind of impact. Who knows what will happen but this is my current approach.

Sean G. said...

@William I love your answer. I will use some variation of it myself, and not because I consider it a witty retort. I have zero patience for these protracted, surface-level discussions with people, when our underlying metaphysical assumptions differ so dramatically. We might as well be speaking different languages. Your response cuts to matter nicely!

If they then wanted to press you on the validity of intuition, it would at least be a far more interesting discussion to have.

Ben said...

They really are breathless about the peck. I don't think there's ever been a concerted global effort like this where the mask just goes flying off in desperation / expediency. It's their number one priority right now. It's weird. Why this? Why do they want to peck you so bad? And you have to right: for some really bad reason.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ben - There are plenty of theories! And it might even be that more than one of them is correct.

Furthermore, it may be that some of the reasons are based on false ideas and will not work. This is an insoluble problem when everybody is lying to everybody else - nobody really knows what is genuinely possible, or what has happened, let alone what will actually happen.

That's why I think it is best not to pin one's reasoning on any particular theory of intent or outcome; but on solid knowledge of the kind of 'people' we are dealing with.

ben said...

Perhaps because to take it willingly would be to assent to the evil underlying this whole fake-pandemic phenomenon - in your own mind; to be trained into alignment with evil.

btw different Ben above ^

Hristina said...

Same reason you say "No" if a vampire asks you for an invitation to enter your home...

David Earle said...

The mostly widely repeated reason for Why I've heard is simply because everybody else is doing it. That is not a good enough reason and everybody should have learned that at a very young age. "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?"

There may be many polished reasons for Why, but if one is honest, at the core it is simply going along with the crowd. And this really shows the extreme lack of personal discernment, intuition and common sense in modern thinking.

Zeno said...

I've been thinking about this issue. Basically everyone in my family has taken the peck, and they are pressuring me to take it too.

I don't want to take it, not because I am afraid of side effects, but because it just feels wrong. I don't know how to explain it properly, and I don't even have a good reason; it just feels that if I take it I become part of something I don't want to be part of. In this way, the vaccine feels less like a vaccine than some kind of propitiatory ritual, and perhaps that's what it is.

Partly this feeling is also because there's such a huge propaganda effort to make everybody take it, even children, and painting it as "100% safe", that it's overselling it. If it's really so safe, why so much insistence?

Nathanael said...

Great post Bruce.

From one side I see this peck is an initiation, and part of this initiation is your consent to the 'war on pandemics'.Every year there will be boosters against the scariants, it will be like in mad max where the water is turned on and off according to the consent of the masses. This biological terrorism is founded upon many lies that make up the ultra lie.

I think of all the pecked, I have most love for the ones that have done it blindly, not really giving much thought to it. they mean well and are pulled by the crowd.

I have least love for the ones actively pushing it, the know it alls, the prideful talking heads, and I also have a dislike for those you mentioned in the post who are rejecting it from the materialist pov.

Ingemar said...


A common theme on this blog is the unbridgeable gap in metaphysics between the serious Christians and the spiritually dead. Related to this is the importance of intuition.

Speaking solely for myself, my metaphysics are: God exists and transcends the material world, and Goodness is that which aligns with His nature. Truth and beauty are one in Him. My intuition flows from my belief in the reality of God and informs my thinking and decision making in the absence of any conventional learning.

Although I could cite my own credentials and experience in molecular biology for my skepticism regarding the Birdemic narrative, my primary guide, as it were, was intuition. As early as February of 2020, the miasma of fear was so thick you could cut it with a knife--and then came the soft restrictions, which I paid no mind (but could see that was already gripping the hearts of those spiritually asleep/dead). The narrative quickly switching from "Birdemic is just an ordinary flu" to "Birdemic is the worst plague and you'll kill grandma because you hugged someone" in the space of a week was a sort of whiplash that only the Dead could have ignored.

Then came the propaganda. The fact that billboards and signage everywhere so proudly displayed openly contradictory slogans (stay apart together) was a sign of great evil.

I reckon most people realized that the rules were insane, but when an alliance of business, media and government colluded to force people into compliance, they acted contrary to their inward beliefs, essentially nullifying the interior self for the sake of expediency. Which is a surefire sign of Deadness. I have pity for those who were bullied into becoming a zombie, but less for those who became zombies of their own initiative. Sadly on a long enough time scale the difference between bullied zombies and wilful ones drops to zero.