Thursday 29 July 2021

An ongoing world system of mandatory multiple pecking/ implanting: The real choice about pecking

"The peck" is a misnomer - not only because "peck" includes many and different agents; but because what is at stake is not one, nor two, nor any specific number of pecks of any particular kind - but a world where mandatory pecking (and, we should presume, any other insertion of technological devices or substances) is simply part of 'life' - something that continues as often as the authorities wish and without end or limit. 

So "the" peck is doubly misleading. What is already at stake is that several interventions - with different methods, effects, and adverse effects -  are being talked of as if they were one; and as if it didn't matter which was given. This is clearly the case: despite differences, the authorities do not mind which peck is given so long as every person submits to pecking - as and when 'required'. 

Furthermore, the evidence is already obvious (and was knowable in advance) that the pecks are unnecessary, ineffective and harmful. This makes the escalating insistence upon them at best nonsensical, more accurately gross (unprecedented) malpractice, from a medical perspective. 

Yet if these pecks are understood merely paving the way for a system of continuous mandated pecking with... whatever the authorities decide should be inserted into humans... then the whole thing makes sense. 

"They" don't distinguish between different pecks because the focus is not upon the birdemic, but upon a establishing a new and invasive system of social control. The idea is that in future (i.e. the next few eeks) everybody should always accept whatever pecks They require - however many pecks, and pecks for whatever purpose

(Knowing what we (ought to) know about the people running the world; these purposes could plausibly include making specific people or populations sick in specific ways; and killing either individuals or masses in a deniable fashion - by multiple agents, or agents with multiple/ delayed lethal effects. And if you think this scenario is absurd, then I'm afraid you must either be ignorant or self-blinded by false assumptions.)

This is not my discovery, nor is this agenda anything new. David Icke, for example, has been telling us that exactly this is coming for a couple of decades. Such correct predictions are possible because the aimed-at destination is known. Pecking is interwoven with the global totalitarian New World Order agenda that goes back more than a century, with Agenda 2030, with The Great Reset, with the transhumanist agenda - and seems to be based upon the intention to make people into some kind of hybrid between Men and technology. 

The 'promise' would be that this envisaged 'world-of-pecks' would be good for human happiness, health and functionality. But the genuine yet covert intent would be surveillance and control of human behaviour (and ultimately, They believe, human thinking) - and the actual effect of multi-pecking on human happiness, health and functionality is of little or no interest. 

The birdemic peck provides us with an example of what is coming - if They are able to follow Their plans. We can already perceive from the fact that the peck is in-practice unnecessary/ ineffective/ harmful - yet They still want to force it upon everybody in the world; that They are indifferent or hostile to human happiness, health and functionality. 

This fact ought to tell us a great deal about Them and Their motivations. And warn us of what They would be intending to do with unlimited ability to inject/ insert/ implant whatever They wanted into human bodies

The intent is that They will unilaterally decide how (and how much) to modify Our bodies; and We will accept whatever They insist-upon, gratefully.

Now - I do not believe that the transhumanist project is possible - in particular I do not believe that human thinking can be monitored or controlled by technology. That idea is just an erroneous consequence of materialist modelling, that ignores such primary realities that real thinking is spiritual in nature, and a 'product' of our real self which is divine. 

Thinking just isn't the kind of thing that can be monitored or controlled. 

But crude kinds of surveillance tracking bugs, or drug/ hormone manipulations could be accomplished by 'injectable' agents and technology. Pain could be inflicted, disease encouraged. 

As we are seeing with the birdemic peck; increased mass suffering and deaths could easily be imposed, sometimes deliberately, at others due to stupidity and incompetence. 

My point here is that the decision we are confronted-with Now is not between getting 'the peck' or not. The choices will not stop here. This is just the first of many choices. 

The eventual choice is about whether we agree to a long-term system of mandatory, imposed, continuous pecks for multiple reasons and regardless of their effect. 

That is where we are being led - step by step. They want Us to want that kind of world - want Us to agree that would be a necessary and Good way of living for everybody in the world to submit to... whatever They say is Good for Us. 

"The" birdemic peck is only the first of many steps. But we need to remember that this is a spiritual war, a war over souls; and Their objective is to make people reject salvation and choose damnation. 

In principle, as totalitarians ruling a compliant materialist/ atheist/ leftist mass population, They could forcibly impose any evil on anybody. But their goal is to make people want evil. 

That is why the birdemic peck is the first step. If the people can be induced into wanting that which is unnecessary/ ineffective and harmful just on the say-so of an Establishment-media that is known to be evil. And to want this imposed everywhere, on everybody and forever - and whatever.

If that stuff can become desired by Men - then those Men are damned. 

But those who perceive the truth of 'what is going-on' and withhold their consent from being recruited-into this plan and onto the side of evil; have already defeated this strategy of evil in themselves. 

Note: Just because the world-of-universal-endless-pecks is planned, does not mean that it will happen. It may never happen, it may not happen everywhere, it may not happen soon. For that reason even merely delayed compliance is important - especially when delay is extended and extended. Plus - every act of delayed compliance to evil itself requires the evil system to expend more resources, and creates thereby more difficulty and inner tension - it weakens evil a little. So if in doubt - delay, delay, delay. 


Gary Bleasdale said...

No doubt we are witnessing the most rapid, most wide-ranging and most ambitious attempt to completely upend the "old-order" in history. And it is indeed happening at "Warp Speed".

I agree that Damnation is the end-goal - in other words, to create a "parallel system" to God's.

Evidently, there has for a long time (perhaps starting in earnest in the 19th Century, but prefigured since the beginning of the modern age) an aggressive grooming operation run on Men, to help ease them into accept this. The Inversion Agenda.

Nonetheless, it is an intrinsically absurd and impossible goal - thus, it will not come to fruition (it can't).

Whilst I am under no illusions about the toll that this Coup will enact (as it already has and will continue to, at an escalating rate), I also recognize that it is an opportunity for us to really become active, where it matters. I think so many of us, even those on the right side, had become complacent due to the abundance of comfort, convenience and predictability which the old-system gave.

And I know that those who choose to be active in serving God, in harmonizing their wills with His, will because of this be able to live better lives than they probably would've otherwise. And leave a world which is more fit for purpose for their children and family, as well.

Monotonous Languor said...

The longer this ponzi scheme of lies continues, the longer the peons have to start waking up and questioning obvious holes in the 'new normal' narrative. There'll be increasing unrest, the kind that erupts in loss of control at sporadic points all over the map.

So the global mafia is being forced to a decision point: if they don't want to see their plans unravel, they're going to have to go for all the marbles all at once. I predict some horrendous world-wide dictum coming down soon on the populace, something so outre that it would normally be scoffed at and immediately relegated to a trash bin outside the nearest asylum. But with total control almost in their grasp, the globopedo mafia can't afford to take chances. They have no choice but to come down hard and fast, the devil take the hindmost.

Mike Bryant said...

Good post Bruce and as you point out every act of non compliance is grit in the machine, that's why it's important not to give up.

David Earle said...

> So if in doubt - delay, delay, delay.

How do you feel about the alternative view of "accelerate, accelerate, accelerate"? Since we ultimately know where things are headed, the quicker and more recklessly those that are aware of what's happening help to push things forward then the more ridiculous it may appear to the average person when it manifests in reality.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ML "There'll be increasing unrest, the kind that erupts in loss of control at sporadic points all over the map".

Well, maybe - maybe not (not so far, after all).

And whether there is or isn't will not matter unless there is a (mass, but one individual at a time) Christian spiritual awakening - because otherwise it is just a choice of routes to the same destination.

Bruce Charlton said...

"How do you feel about the alternative view of "accelerate, accelerate, accelerate"? "

Never heard of it. But from what you say it is clearly impossible for a Christian - just another version of the old demonic excuse of 'the end justifies the means'. Christians cannot knowingly assist (let alone commit) evil here and now, on the basis that our theory suggests it might lead to good outcomes in the future. "Torture innocent children today for a better world tomorrow?" The idea is ridiculous! - although, come to think of it, the birdemic peck for children amounts to exactly that.

David Earle said...

Re: acceleration, I probably worded that badly. I think the basic premise is forcing those on the side of evil to show their cards or true intentions sooner than they would prefer or would otherwise, by being openly, overly and unapologetically on the side of Good, thereby "waking up" people that may not have noticed the degree to which Evil is accelerating otherwise had things progressed slower.

I don't have much opinion on it, I've just noticed this "accelerate" idea repeated on certain parts of the internet for some time now.

I fully understand your point with delaying things however.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Islanti - Well, I'm still none the wiser! But it is worth remembering that 'Their' power comes mostly from willing collaboration of the masses - without which they could do very little. The less willing cooperation that each individual person displays, the harder we make the fulfillment of Their agenda.

It's really quite easy - at present. Simply Not wearing a mask and Not social distancing is something that everyone in England Can do - if he or she chooses.

This entails defying social and institutional pressure - but anyone Can do it. So far (after nine days of this freedom) only a minority in my area so choose - and these are mostly men (a Very large sex difference is evident); but the minority is substantial, and there are more every day.

The natural is is being renormalized hereabouts - which is something significant; although very far from enough.

Truth to Life said...

@ Monotonous Languor - The fast talking scam artists need to move quickly before more and more people realize what's going on. Hurry, mandate the Kool-Aid before everyone goes back to school! The huge protests in Europe are heartening, but nothing like that is happening in the land of the fleeced and home of the slaves....

On another note...I haven't really gotten into Rudolf Steiner, but a friend sent me an interesting prediction from him: "Spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts to find a 'peck' that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people's souls."

Bruce Charlton said...

@TTL - "a 'peck' that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people's souls.""

I think that must be an example (one of many) where 'Steiner nods' - i.e. he made an error in saying that a physical intervention could drive all inclination to spirituality out of men's souls - because souls are not physical things.

To put matters differently; God the creator - who made/ makes this world for all our salvation - would not allow such a situation to arise in a single one of his children.

On the other hand - Satan might well believe in such a peck; and might do great harm to people in pursuing it - and individual people might well pretend such a peck was real, in their search for excuses to sin and not to repent.

Truth to Life said...

@Dr. Charlton - That's a great point. Some people think the peck turns off the "God gene," but everyone I know who has gotten it wasn't spiritual at all to begin with...and there are a few people who deeply regret getting pecked, so they still seem to be capable of repentance.

Charlie said...

Outstanding post.

This is a post I'd like the useful idiot peck enthusiasts to read.

Lost, separated from God, and in thrall to the media, they pretend to themselves that the pecking is a moral crusade. And they pretend that the issue is "How could anyone refuse to do this ONE tiny thing, just this ONE time, to save the world?"

They lack discernment and tend to get all their beliefs from lying politicians and journalists, so they are indeed somewhat confused. But we who still retain some powers of discernment should help frame their peck enthusiasm for them.

We should frame it for them as what it undeniably is...enthusiasm for the permanent discretion of governments and corporations to decide what will be inserted into people's bloodstreams.

I have heard MANY acquaintances opine recently that the pecks should be mandatory conditions of employment. It's startling and disheartening to hear from intelligent and formerly sane people. And it's clearly motivated (at least on the surface) by the naive idea that the birdemic is some kind of one-time-only special emergency. (Their deeper motivations are darker.)

But as you point out, and as these proponents of punishment for people passing on the peck need to realize, this new claimed power to invade our bloodstreams is intended to be permanent, an ongoing profit stream and control vector to be deployed in all sorts of future emergencies.

jana gatien said...

People largely do not want to know what is true. They like the lie. It's easier to get along in (what they regard as the entirety of) the world, lying & acting. I see many are rationalizing the increasingly absurd (i.e I noticed an article in UK Telegraph saying that Flatulence Can Spread "Birdemic" to which my otherwise reasonable co-worker nodded in all seriousness, "Yes, I can see that." So now it's a fart-demic.). The average materialist does not want to acknowledge evil because it would make them spiritually accountable. It would spiritualize the materialism they are sucking the last dregs of, like a drunk at last call.

Bruce Charlton said...

@VT - I'm aware of Steiner's work on the predicted incarnation of Ahriman - both in Steiner's lectures and in the more recent work of Terry Boardman e.g. -

Although I don't believe it is literally true that a specific angelic being will be incarnated in this way and according to divine destiny; it nonetheless provides a way of thinking about the Antichrist that I have found very useful. And an Ahrimanic figure may emerge, if system-evil should coalesce into a single leader and figurehead.

On the other hand, I think the possibility of an Ahrimanic world is already passing, and a Sorathic world of spiteful and chaotic destruction is beginning - very rapidly - to emerge.