Saturday 10 July 2021

What can They do? - And what can't They do?

The global Establishment - being endemically dishonest - believe that They can do anything They wish. But They can't do most of what They suppose. 

In particular, Their positive projects will not happen. 

For instance, They cannot do 'transhumanism'. This project attempts to enhance human powers by technology and go beyond the human to a higher level at which there will be no misery, illness, ageing, or death. 

Of course this is not desirable - since it amounts to the mass genocide of Mankind (to 'transcend' Man is to destroy actually-existing Man). But also none of this is possible - and the idea it is an attainable goal is based upon various combinations of ignorance and lies. 

As with 'trans' sex operations; we are capable of wrecking humans, of making them miserable and dysfunctional by technology; but not of enhancing them. And, as with trans operations, the transhumanist scheme can only be maintained by an evil derangement of human thinking; so that abusive mutilation, poisoning and chronic suffering is triumphantly 'rebranded' as an enhancement of life.  

Other instances; They cannot achieve omni-surveillance and total control. They cannot 'build back better'. They cannot re-set the world. They cannot control global climate. 

All these are far beyond human capability; and - thanks to Their activities - human capability is collapsing at a rate perceptible by the month, and accelerating.

All Their positive grandiose strategies, schemes and plans are not possible, and will not happen. 


But what They can do is to destroy. They cannot build back - but They can destroy what has been built. 

They cannot save the world from 'climate change' - but they can wreck the infrastructure of communications, trade, power and transport.  

They cannot make a sustainable global totalitarianism - but They can destroy The System which sustains a large majority of the world's population. 

They cannot make a healthier world in (fake) response to the (fake) birdemic - but They can permanently cripple global health services. 

They cannot make a safer and better internet from the incipient fake 'cyberpandemics' - but They can destroy the internet (having previously compelled the world to depend upon it for survival). 

They cannot make a new, motivating and inspiring Leftist ideology - but They can destroy the institutions of religions and churches all over the world. 

In sum; They cannot save the world, but They can wreck the world with the fake measures supposed to save it. 

This is a matter of inter-demonic warfare. Most of the evil in the world at present is managerial and bureaucratic; being based upon the justification that the end justifies the means - in other words that the evil methods (lying, manipulation, intimidation, bribery and corruption etc.) are 'unfortunate' necessities only ('reluctantly') deployed in order to reach (allegedly, falsely) desirable and necessary goals; such as stopping the birdemic, ending racism, preventing global warming etc. 

But the more-extremely evil beings know that the 'evil means to good ends argument' is always itself an instrument of evil; and furthermore that these 'ends' (whether good or evil) are impossible, cannot happen...

So the end result is always to get more and more short-term evil, going nowhere - except destruction

Because They include most of the richest and most influential people in the world; destruction of all that is good, or has good in it, is something They can do, are doing, will continue to do... Whatever the goals and ends with which They delude Themselves. 

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"...Concerning this most recent entry, "Nothing new under the sun". The utter corruption of mankind down through the ages. In the midst of it all, God is Great and Holy."