Thursday 22 July 2021

The masses are not asleep, but stuporous

In a stimulating blog post about his sense of expectation that something Big is about to happen; WmJas Tychonievich discussed the meaning of Apocalypse in terms of unveiling, awakening, showing forth of reality and such like; and went on to speculate:

My sense is that the next big event is not going to be an event at all, but a revelation of what has already been done — a revelation so clear that even those who slept through the global coup will not be able to ignore it.

On reflection ,it strikes me that we may be misled by our terminology of regarding the mass majority of being asleep - since a person can easily be aroused and awakened from sleep; and once roused they will tend to stay awake for a significant period.

But rather than 'asleep' it would be more accurate to state that the majority of the world are in a stupor

Stupor means that only vigorous and repeated stimuli will arouse the individual, and when left undisturbed, the patient will immediately lapse back to the unresponsive state.

Stupor fits the facts. People are only aroused from their stupor by extreme events; and arousal is very brief. Almost immediately they lapse back into stupor. 

It is Not, after all, a case of Sleepers Awake; but of first needing to cure the cause of stupor, before being able to arouse the stuporous. 

It is this immediate relapse that I find so striking (and frustrating). 

Sometimes, some-thing will 'awaken' a mainstream sleeper - some event, some piece of information, an insight... But very quickly that person will relapse into the fake-world of the Big Lies - as if their awakening had never been!

There is apparently no memory of having been awake, of having understood, of having seen. Just a reset to stupor. 

So why the stupor? Put simply: the mass of mainstream, modern, atheist, materialist, leftist people are cognitively damaged at a deep level; their thinking does not work, reasoning does not work; memories are disorganized. 

And even when their is some kind of retained representation of a vital revelation; the recall is too feeble and vague to affect behaviour or beliefs.

Deletion of God, creation and the spirit from human minds has made most Men stuporous; and Men cannot be aroused from this unresponsive state for long enough to use common sense or to learn from personal experience. 

The only possible cure is metaphysical, conceptual, at the level of primary assumptions. The mind will only awaken and stay awake long enough to benefit from the experience, when that mind recognizes correctly the basic realities of the world, its own nature and relations between the self and the world. 


Yves-Marie said...

Bonjour Bruce Charlton,

This is not directly related to your post, but I am currently reading Ernst Junger's Forest Passage, and this quote immediately brought to mind your writings on the same subject:

"When all institutions have become equivocal or even disreputable,
and when open prayers are heard even in churches not for the persecuted but for the persecutors, at this point moral responsibility passes into the hands of individuals, or, more accurately, into the hands of any still unbroken individuals."

jas said...

I think it's a lot more serious than being in a stupor, or having their modes of thinking confused (by these powers) or being put into some kind of trance/hypnotised state. Their heart (or their 'will') actively and fervently wishes these demonic realities, and only a change of heart can bring about a different way of thinking or metaphysics, ie turning to God. You can see this in the relentless way in which they pursue the Left/material agenda - there is so much anger and single-mindedness behind it, and ultimately self-destruction in their actions. With a corrupt heart the mind stands no chance of recovering. That is why I am deep-down quite pessimistic about how this all ends up, there is going to be a lot of violence and destruction inflicted on many of us.

Karl said...

"Stupor" fits the facts much better than "sleep", but in my limited experience even the word "stupor" is too kind because a patient who is in the state of stupor doesn't do anything much. In contrast, anyone who is not awake and knowing (or perhaps feeling) that something is very wrong with our modern society is actually taking part in the wrongs of our modern socienty. Simply seeing these persons as victims ignores they are active comminting the wrongs of our society and aiding it.

Any of my unsuccesfuls attempts to rouse someone from that stupor, sooner rather than later resulted in that person defending some evil aspect of modern society. Are your experiences different in that respect?

Bruce Charlton said...

Well clearly, 'stupor' is not intended to be a complete description of a typical modern Man - but a replacement word for the aspect usually described as asleep.

I'm assuming that the fact I have written many hundreds of blog posts about the end times, spiritual war and choice of evil of the masses means that I don't have to mention this fact is every single post!

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Excellent point. It’s almost more like hypnosis than sleep.

Lucinda said...

For most of my life my mom avoided painkillers because, in short, she thought of pain as important feedback to identify and motivate needed change. She would go ahead and use them in specific cases, like if pain was preventing sleep, since, she reasoned, sleep was an important priority for healing.

Last year, when she was dying, she gave up on discerning about the painkillers because the doctor said it was terminal. But the painkillers disinhibited her, which put a strain on her relationships with caregivers. Lorazepam was suggested. For about a week, she was sweet and compliant, but totally nutty, like we were all part of a weird dream of hers. My sister, a psychiatrist, who had suggested the Lorazepam, took her off it.

I remember having a discussion with her afterwards, how horrified she was to have been so out of touch with her very keen reasoning and articulation abilities.

It was a beautiful experience and a privilege to witness her courage after that, to hold onto her conscious awareness as she faced death.

Your recent posts brought this experience to mind. The hospice nurse was puzzled that we didn't just medicate her into unconsciousness the last few weeks, but we knew it wasn't what she wanted. She remained capable of intelligent interaction until just a couple days before she passed away.

Even in those last couple days, it was a privilege to sit with her and talk to her, like being with a newborn, worlds different from the drug-induced sweet compliance and weird dreaminess.

This contrast is what I'm trying to get at. It is lost on many who cannot distinguish between spirituality and compliant disinterest.

Anonymous said...

Or Puddleglum's foot in the fire.