Monday 26 July 2021

How deep do the birdemic lies reach?

I have always tried to emphasize that the Big Lie of the birdemic may go all the way down; in the sense that there may be literally no single-causal infective agent. 

Reading the relevant chapters of David Icke's most recent (and very worthwhile) book "Perceptions of a Renegade Mind" - which focuses on the birdemic - reminds me that it is quite possible (scientifically speaking) that there may not be any new and specific agent which causes the medical conditions which are supposed to justify the totalitarian response. 

The whole thing may be nothing-but an exercise in relabeling - that is an absolutely credible scenario.

In this world of dominant, endemic lies and core incompetence - I do not believe that we can know exactly what is and is not the truth behind the scam; a wide range of possibilities are plausible. 

There may be no single agent, there may be some influence from a new (and, if so, engineered) agent, which may have emerged from a range of accidents or been deliberate spread; and (if so) has been deliberately-amplified by the addition of a large, but various, proportion of fake attributions (especially influenza)...

Many things are possible and plausible because the definition of the birdemic agent is so vague and loose; and because 'the test' is so grossly inappropriate and inaccurate that its false positives may range from high to total.

That is; there may be 'a lot' of FPs - where 'a lot' covers a wide range of percentage FPs - or all test-positives may be false. These situations will surely vary in different circumstances and places, and across time.  

And 'the peck' is not a 'the' since that term officially encompasses several very different types of agent, and unofficially (in different times and places and persons) may contain... well nobody knows. 

Nobody knows. In a global discourse of liars who neither seek nor speak the truth - nobody knows. 

Luckily, it does not matter what is the exact reality wrt. the birdemic - so long as we do not fall into the trap of believing that the 'material' reality is determinative. 

This is a spiritual war; and we need to keep reminding ourselves that it is the spiritual reality which we need to discern

Even if (which is certainly Not the case; because we know it is permeated with multiple deliberate lies*) the official story of the material birdemic were 100% true; this fact would not affect the spiritual reality that the birdemic is a tool of the powers of evil; strategically aimed against God, creation and The Good. 

That's what we must know; and all the rest are shades of opinion. 

*Note: 'Multiple deliberate lies' means that those responsible have chosen to take the side of 'the father of lies' - i.e. the devil. John 8:44 "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." This means that all who lie have already chosen damnation - unless they repent and follow Jesus. 


Bruce Charlton said...

Sean Fowler comments:

I think it’s essential that we considered the possibility that the birdemic lie goes all the way down. Furthermore I would state that to give any credence whatsoever to the actions taken by the powers that shouldn’t be in the name of the birdemic lie is a compromise we dare not make. All too often one notices that even staunch critics of pinging, mask wearing, lockdowns and pecks feel themselves forced to concede some ground, to offer some justification for lockdowns, so as not to be considered too extreme. The fact is that none of this lunacy was necessary. The whole thing was a massive lie, motivated by an evil megalomania, the consequences of which have been entirely destructive. The only positive that we can possibly take from this is that, the sheer outrageous enormity of the lie, does seem to have awakened a significant number of people to the extent of the false reality that we are being coerced into living under. It’s interesting to note that many people with whom I have discussed the subject, are now quite prepared to see that we are engaged in spiritual warfare against mankind. That there is a tangible force of evil conducting this operation. And this among people who would have previously scoffed at the idea. I find the term dark forces useful when engaging atheists on the subject useful, as it avoids triggering a reflexive, potentially extremely aggressive, anti god response, while at the same time smuggling in a spiritual connotation, with the potential to grow into something larger.

Bruce Charlton said...

Jake comments:

I agree 100%. The only thing we need to know with certainty is that "they" (the establishment, media, CDC, governments, etc.) are liars. That they do not have our best interests in mind. In fact, they have the opposite goal: they want to hurt us spiritually (for sure), and physically /mentally (likely).

Ingemar said...

Here's my take, reposted from my blog.

Metaphysical assumptions are important for how and why people have reacted the way they did at the inauguration of the VirusRegime. I recommend Bruce Charlton's posts on the topic.

Likewise, people's attitudes towards religion. If you see religion as entirely (or even mostly) a man-made, man-centered affair, your reaction to the VirusRegime and VirusWar will shift accordingly. Catholics and Protestants alike can fall in either camp (and Pope Francis falls into the man-centered camp, given his disdain for preconciliar Catholic rites).

The VirusRegime has allowed "science" to use government and corporations as an end-run around the ethics of human experimentation and government to use "science" as an end-run around the rights of citizens.

Professionalization of science has ruined the institution. Academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are all run like a business, whether they admit it or not. "Science" will not speak out against the abuses of VirusRegime (test-and-trace, coerced masking and Pecking) because doing so will upset the gravy train.

As science is right now, a student/technician/postdoc who is in the field to pursue truth makes as much sense as a vegan working in a slaughterhouse.

One of the metaphysical/epistemic dividing lines between liberals and traditionalists (which maps to VirusCultists and VirusResistors, respectively) is whether Truth is a fixed category or changes with the times. See John 14:6 and Hebrews 13:8.

Inward belief without outward action leads inevitably to disbelief. The VirusRegime doesn't care if you realize it's founded entirely on sensationalist lies - if it can intimidate you into wearing the mask or taking the Peck just for the sake of human respect or continuity of employment/lifestyle, it has already won.

The VirusRegime admitted it lied about the issue of masks in early 2020. (Summary: Dr. T*ny F**ci said not to wear masks, then the US Surgeon General's office said the reason was to prevent a consumer run on mask supplies). This is akin to pulling out the central base card in a card tower, yet VirusCultists still are convincing themselves that the tower stands.

All the events of recent history make more sense once you realize that satan and his apostate angels have free reign over governance of the earth.

Francis Berger said...

"This is a spiritual war; and we need to keep reminding ourselves that it is the spiritual reality which we need to discern."

Yes, that's spot on. On the surface, the possibility that all of this might be nothing more than an exercise in relabeling makes it all the more appalling, but at the deeper, spiritual level this is barely relevant. The intent and motivation remain the same regardless of how real or hyped the birdemic really has been/is.

On a side note, I agree wholeheartedly with Jake's comment, and I find Sean's comment encouraging.

Bruce Charlton said...


Mostly I agree, but I dissent from "if it can intimidate you into wearing the mask or taking the Peck just for the sake of human respect or continuity of employment/lifestyle, it has already won"

These are sins like any other - which means repentance is possible. 'They' have not won spiritually unless you fail to repent; fail to acknowledge the reality of, and your responsibility for, sin.

Ingemar said...

You can repent of taking the Peck, but repentance doesn't erase the wounds of sin.

Just like repenting of an adulterous relationship doesn't erase the harms inflicted on the cuckold/cuckquean nor the children sired from that relationship.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ing - It seems most important to emphasize that repentance is possible for anyone at any time; and that this is one sin among innumerable others of which we are all guilty - since these matters are not well or widely understood at present.