Tuesday 13 July 2021

Brexit in retrospect - and what (if anything) next?

My understanding is that the landslide English (English) vote in favour of Brexit was one of those moments that was divinely-engineered to have potential to lead to a widespread Christian and spiritual awakening in the nation. 

As a result of this hope-full sign; with William Wildblood and John Fitzgerald, Albion Awakening was launched - with an explicit intent to encourage this revival. 

I'm not sure how long that window of opportunity was open; but it soon emerged that nothing spiritually significant had happened. 

The English stayed as materialist, consumerist, hedonic and cowardly as ever; the mainstream political process again took-over; and Brexit dissipated into fake, boring, materialistic wrangles among Establishment representatives concerning bureaucratic micro-problems. 

After years of delay and dilution, of lies and propaganda, my impression is that (whatever the official story) nothing substantive has happened at all. I think the UK is supposed to have left the EU in some kind of way; but I don't believe it for a moment. 

And since early 2020, all such issues have - anyway - been gobbled-up by the global Establishment coup; so that now all people everywhere live in one world System - where remaining life-differences are merely quantitative and regarded as temporary; where all 'politics' is merely the inter-office managerial wrangles of a single mega-bureaucracy; and where no nation (no person!) is allowed to dissent or opt-out on any issue that the covert international government regards as important (e.g. sexual revolution/ birdemic/ climate change/ antiracism).  

We live in Fukayama's 'End of History', New World Order, World Government, as planned and pursued by the globalist Establishment for more than a century (and of which we were fore-warned by Establishment ex-insiders such as Aldous Huxley and George Orwell) ... 

And, as always, the reality for the masses turns out to be very different-from, and much worse-than, they were led to hope-for and expect. 

So Brexit is dead - that window of opportunity is closed - that hope came to naught. 

But what about the recent 'freedom' marches in London? Perhaps the biggest grassroots public gatherings/ demonstrations in national history - many hundreds of thousands of people? One cannot help but feel somewhat stirred by any expression of resistance - and to wish them well... 

But can we hope for anything substantive from them - or will they go the way of Brexit? 

Well, no; we cannot hope for anything substantive - not if they remain protest-orientated, and focused only by a negative agenda and rationalized merely by an hedonic and utilitarian 'moral' calculus (making more people less miserable and more happy). 

No hope unless 'protest' was swiftly followed by a spiritual Christian revival that would be a positive agenda. 

No hope unless they became a no-institutional but powerful fellowship of Christian believers - because any alternative socio-political institution will surely be assimilated or destroyed. 

Only an other-worldly and eternal frame: only acknowledgement of this as a God-created world - and active and explicit support of the divine agenda... only such could provide the love-motivated long-termism and courage in a Good cause that have been so profoundly lacking in England for so many decades.  

Otherwise the movement, no matter how massive and enthusiastic, will quickly be controlled, converged, co-opted and intimidated into extinction or irrelevance.

This done using the power of the media (and public addiction to it) to manipulate, marginalize and demonize; by dishonest and selective policing and application of the 'law'; and by multiple (tried and tested) techniques such as double-agents, spies, agents provocateurs and false flags.

A Good future lies only on the other side of a powerful spiritual and Christian revival that acknowledges the war of Good and evil, the primacy of the spiritual; and explicitly takes the side of God. 

And the Good of this future is to be measured primarily by spiritual criteria - with any material benefits (such health, prosperity, peace, happiness) unpredictable and secondary by-products of a primarily spiritual focus and priority. 

But if we aim, instead, directly for the material benefits... then we will get nothing but more chaos, fear and despair. 


Bonald said...

As you say, being willing to defy the establishment is necessary but not sufficient. Non-Christian dissident groups don't provide any true alternative. On the other hand, there are people who have the right principles (some Church leaders and communitarian philosophers) but who are also worthless because they refuse to defy the establishment or question the Left's moral hierarchy. So I don't doubt the value of some significant number of people being willing to protest what the entire establishment has told them is right and good. Nothing is possible without that sort of oneriness, but you're right that as long as it stands for nothing but material prosperity and freedom, nothing will come of it.

Brief Outlines said...

Yes, I understand your vision! "No hope unless they became a no-institutional but powerful fellowship of Christian believers - because any alternative socio-political institution will surely be assimilated or destroyed. "
The source must come from within - and it is there ready to burst to the surface, but only if people have courage to follow it and not deny it or extinguish it for the petty, hedonistic, cynical worldview that seems to constitute the modern toxic air we all grow up breathing.

Anonymous said...

"I think the UK is supposed to have left the EU in some kind of way; but I don't believe it for a moment."

One kind of way is that at least one major UK bank has taken the opportunity (in I'm not sure exactly what legal context) to close down the accounts of those of us with no permanent UK address. I wonder if this part of a more 'systemic' plan to do away with coins and paper money so that everyone is always vulnerable to the seizure of their 'digital holdings'... In any case it is a nuisance.

David Llewellyn Dodds

Bruce Charlton said...

"part of a more 'systemic' plan to do away with coins and paper money"

This certainly seems to be the case - over quite a long time. It has, indeed, all but happened - with retailers more or less insisting on refusing cash (on fake/ birdemic grounds). This was something that David Icke warned some twenty years ago was on the agenda - just one of several of his predictions that seemed silly/crazy at one time, but not now.

Interestingly, Icke has gone from being the most mocked and reviled man in the country (a stock character representing a lunatic) early 1990s, to being the hero of a considerable segment of the younger generation - he was the main speaker and attraction at the recent/ current London 'freedom marches' which are the biggest popular demonstrations ever in the UK, I think - crowds so big that they can't accurately be counted but may be around a million people since they covered many streets and stretched for a few miles. And Icke at the centre of it!