Friday 23 July 2021

The future? No idea (except that the end is coming)

I am absolutely unable to predict the future in any specific way at present - except that I am sure that these are the end times, and the end is accelerating. 

I am not very sure what The End actually means; but Christians will know it when it happens. 

It is not the second coming - because that is not a real thing - by my understanding. Certainly our civilization is ending - from multiple causes: biological, psychological, socio-political - but 'our civilization' now encompasses the world (especially since early 2020) so that the end of civilization will affect every person on the planet. 

But in materialist terms everybody dies, all nations and civilizations end, and the planet will sooner or later become uninhabitable for one reason or another; so that is certain. 

However; at the primary, spiritual intuitive level is where the significant end is hastening. 

To anyone with Christian discernment, it is clear and explicit that the Establishment, the authorities, are actively destroying all that is Good - all that is part of God's creation. Virtue, beauty and truth are under accelerating attack; and anything that is natural, spontaneous, created likewise. They are even beginning to destroy The System, The Matrix upon which their own collective power depends...

This is a very comprehensive strategy of destruction

What convinces me that this is the end, is that this attack by the powers of purposive evil is broadly celebrated - indeed, destruction of God, creation and The Good has become the core of the mainstream and 'normal' morality - enforced by law, taught in schools, propagated in the arts and mass media and by all major institutions (including churches).

Value inversion is our value system - already overall, and ever more comprehensively. 

This, I take it, is distinctive of the end of things. 

Thus, materially speaking there is nothing constructive to be done. Any material opposition to the plans, will merely be from supporting one lesser evil part of The System and directing it against a greater evil. At best, this will only delay.

Materially reasoned; there are no grounds for optimism - and in deed no realistic grounds for hope

For hope we must turn to the spiritual realm, and take advantage of Mankind's recent capacity for each individual to stand spiritually alone against the world. 

At present, this ability is being used to stand alone against God - and to affiliate with Satan's agenda; but this same human capacity can be deployed on the side of God. 

It is simple and instant. 

But what use is it? Is it any use at all? 

From a materialist perspective, of course not. By mainstream metaphysics: What I think in 'my brain' has no affect outside of my body.  

But what if it does have an effect; what if my thinking has a tremendous effect - but spiritually, not materially. 

What if, for those relatively-brief and transient moments when my thinking is truly aligned with God's purposes and harmonized by love of God (and fellow Men)?... 

What if this thinking is then taken-up by God and amplified and disseminated with astonishing efficiency and strength - to produce positive spiritual effects where possible (where the hearts of others are open to it) and necessary (where the effects will do the most Good) - and by a 'process' not confined by proximity in space or by physical contact?...

I personally would be unlikely to know anything about this - at least not in any detailed or comprehensive fashion - yet I might know that it was happening, or had happened. 

Think of it in terms of causation versus motivation. 

Causation is a materialist concept - cause and effect, billiard balls colliding, chemical equations and the like... It relates to dead things without consciousness or will. 

But if 'things' are really alive, conscious and have purposes - then they don't work on each other by cause and effect; but by means such as motivations, and by acceptance (or rejection)... 

If our divinely-harmonious thinking is motivational it affects other Beings like a personal relationship; and these Beings can choose whether or not to welcome this, and be affected by it -- much as we might accept or reject the love of another person. 

Indeed love is the key. If love is welcomed then it generates more love; amplifying the love. This is a way of picturing how our divine thinking may spread and be amplified in effect; and may do Good in the spiritual realm.  

But the spiritual realm is not cut-off from the material - rather, the material is a sub-set of the wider spiritual world. So the material world will be affected by what we think. And potentially affected for the better. 

There is no need for us to have a strategy - to predict the future: God has the strategy. We 'merely' need to help God with his future. 

Of course, this is an active process of discovery, and of discernment and thinking. But we will learn about where things are going from doing it, from participation - not from material analysis of 'the facts', not from logic/ maths/ models.

These are the end times, but that has long been the case; for many generations. The end is accelerating towards us - but still we do not know what it will entail nor when exactly it will come. Nonetheless - we know what to do. 


Stephen Macdonald said...

The few friends I have who would immediately understand this blog (to most people I know, including many PhDs, it might as well be written in Martian) have often pondered what is *wrong* with our leftist friends and family. We'd like to help!

This post by Bruce sheds much light and helps me and those like me to better understand why do many people seem so profoundly broken today.

Brief Outlines said...

Wonderful. Many thanks

David Earle said...

No disagreement here. Thanks.

Bruce Charlton said...

Thanks to commenters!

This was very much a thinking-aloud, 'stream of consciousness'/ following-intuition post; which are usually harder posts to understand, but which may also contain something new and useful.