Wednesday 25 August 2021

"be kind" (pass the sick bag)

I just checked on Google, and there are more than 92 million usages - so far - of the passive-aggressive-leftist phrase "be kind". 

The meaning of this term is best encapsulated by that fact that you can buy a 'pastel rainbow' birdemic face-mask featuring the slogan - printed in lower-case, girly-looking, faux-handwriting. 

So what is the meaning of "be kind"? 

In narrow terms "be kind" could be translated as "stop disagreeing with me, else I will report you" - 

More broadly, it translates as "I submit (eagerly) to totalitarian evil - do thou likewise". 


jas said...

that's the message from most organised religions these days (with the exception of one main religion, perhaps). Just fluffy messages about feelings and emotions and getting on with each other, but nothing fundamental about what is the Truth of this life and the hereafter. No wonder most people are lost.

William Wildblood said...

It also means don't discriminate in any way and my feelings are all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Very, very accurate.

And the slogan of the woke antidemocratic dominion of Aoteoroa. I prefer to live in New Zealand, where the truth used to be, and God was worshipped.

But I am told to be kind, and accept this new country, and their new religion.

Avro G said...

There is a bumper sticker I saw on a Volvo (the traditional car of American bien pensant types) that said: "Humankind: Be both." I interpreted this to mean, "I'm quite sure I am both human and kind. You, however, might need a little encouragement."

Lucinda said...

In my town there is a large home made sign that actually says: "be kind, or else..." I would have thought it was a joke pointing out the implicit unkind threat, except for other signals the place is home to militant MLB types.

It's a good demonstration for my children though, as we drive by, so I think of it as a win that they are so obvious in their lack of self-awareness. It had previously been hard for my children to say why they hated the little pink "be kind 💕" someone painted at all the intersections in our neighborhood.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Lucinda - "be kind, or else..."

That's great to hear. Out of their own mouths...