Wednesday 4 August 2021

Christian women used to be more religious than men - now they are less

Probably a majority of real Christians in the past, for many centuries, were women. Of course, we cannot look into the souls of Men - but in so far as there were objective correlates - such as the number of nuns compared with monks, the sex ratio of regular church attenders and practitioners etc. - women mostly outnumbered men both as a proportion and in terms of average devoutness. 

This was also revealed by the immense and indomitable long-term courage of the 'Babushka'-type old women, who stuck to their publicly declared Christianity even under conditions of harsh oppression; and did their best to transmit this to younger generations. 

It seems as if - up until the middle 20th century - most nice and virtuous women in the UK would not just self-identify as 'a Christian', and would also want to follow Jesus to Heaven; there to be reunited with loved ancestors, and to await their families.

But now, women of the same personality type - who are better than average in terms of niceness and virtue (although much less nice and virtuous than good women of a few generations ago) have very obvious taken the side of Satan in the spiritual war. 

Consequently, I think that there are probably - and perhaps for the first time in many centuries - a higher proportion of men than women among real Christians. 

In other words; the same pro-social, conscientious and obedient personality traits that led women to be good Christians when the churches were strong, coherent and genuinely Christian - and led by men; have caused women to abandon Christianity - including even the pseudo-Christian churches led, whether officially or tacitly, by women. 

Women have become on average more leftist and materialist-atheist than men; because society is now dominated by materialist-atheistic leftism - and women's innate conformity and desire of peer group acceptance leads them to track these changes in society. 

Women's greater usage of (and addiction to) mass- and social-media has exacerbated what was already a strongly established pattern - since the peer group of women is now more powerfully virtual than real - and this peer group is monitored and controlled by the global powers of purposive evil. 

In place of the indomitable Babushkas, modern middle-aged and elderly women display extremely little courage in support of Christian ideals and living; because these are now disapproved by their peer group. They merely drift - expediently - towards whatever they feel will be most accepted by the dominant public discourse.

What were women's strengths are now women's weaknesses - their Achilles heel. 

They may aspire to the side of good - but under unrelenting, increasing, daily pressure from Authority to conform to evil: they drift. 

So, what Christian revival we are seeing (modest as it is) is now not just led-by, but participated-in, mostly by men. 

Which is something else new, and perhaps unprecedented, about these End Times.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr.Charlton,
as usually, you tend to down-play free will.

Women have free will, as have men; so while they certainly are more conformance-oriented, they still can choose which group to conform to, if any.

Therefore, if women are today mostly on the side of evil, it is because they WANT to be on the side of evil. You cannot blame it on 'public discourse'; that would imply that God somehow restricts the free will of these women so the 'cannot' choose Good.

But they can; therefore, they alone are to blame for them being on the side of evil. It is their own free will; therefore, it is also their own sin, not that of society or somebody else.


Bruce Charlton said...

@LC - True - but irrelevant!

"as usually, you tend to down-play free will." - ! The opposite would be a more valid criticism; but either way, personality and free will are orthogonal.

Lucinda said...

Men see religion as a way to get to truth, but for women, it's about relationships.

This basic interest in Christianity as a social aid has been co-opted by leftism: formerly nurturing, now neurotic SJW, formerly home-making, now office-politicking, formerly tradition-upholding, now sexual revolution-upholding.

The Sexual Revolution is the biggest reproductive scam on women ever, yet most women smugly believe they are reproductively smarter/braver than any before, it's built into the scam.

That pride is probably where the big difference is. Modern women have been 'freed' from the humble practical habits previously necessary for thriving as "the weaker sex". Now they honestly believe womankind is self-sufficient (a delusion) and that this is optimal (because the masculine virtue of defiant truth-seeking is felt as a threat to the self-sufficiency delusion. Men as men are not welcome.)

Days of Lot said...

This is a topic I have spent a lot of time thinking about, especially since the powers that shouldn't be are determined to mix up traditional gender roles. One reason for that, I believe, is to weaken the influence of masculinity, which would be inclined to fight against what is happening now.

The dynamic might be different in the US, but I think Christian women are still more common here than (genuinely) Christian men. Most men have either taken on a feminized "soy boy" persona or have gone to the other extreme of toxic masculinity, acting like thugs. Responsible, spiritual men are exceedingly rare.

As a result, women have had little choice but to step up and fill the a virtuous woman now has to develop qualities that once distinguished virtuous men (such as leadership, independence, and outspokenness), even if these aren't natural to her. Because as you mention...going along to get along means siding with evil at this point.

Lucinda said...

I think part of the situation undermining women is their desire to be needed on one hand and the fashion of emotional independence on the other.

My perception is that men are both more naturally emotionally independent and don't worry as much about whether they are emotionally independent, following the fashion.

Modern women regard it as an embarrassment when they are called needy, as do men, but responsible men consider it a compliment to be needed by loved ones, whereas women feel embarrassed when they are shown to be needed by their loved ones. This may be a natural aspect of their particular biological role as mothers, with an ultimate goal of the child becoming independent. Still, I believe modern mothers are stuck between the good aspects of their natural emotional dependence, needing and being needed, and some very unhelpful psych fashions. And it is very crazy-making.

So for instance, co-dependency really is a problem that is not symmetrical wrt the sexes. The natural dependency of women as mothers and potential mothers should be a central consideration. Instead, women rack their brains for how they can stop being the dreaded codependent, and mostly 'solve' it by turning away from good dependency, away from being a force for good morality.