Tuesday 3 August 2021

The erasure of individuality (including sexuality)

One overarching goal behind the sexual revolution is the erasure of sexuality - of the distinction between man and woman, male and female, and even gender identification. 

This goal explains the trajectory of the sexual revolution over the past several generations; and the extraordinary efforts of the Establishment to attack biology, tradition, Christianity and even plain functionality - when it comes to sexual identity. 

The idea of multiple, optional genders and 'pronoun' distinctions; the deletion of terms like mother, father, daughter, son; the obliteration of functional considerations from the military and sports; the mandatory dangerousness of medicine in which 'men' get pregnant and 'women' get prostate cancer ... all are just a step en route to the obliteration of any official reference to any sexual distinction at all. 

Because when each individual chooses 'its' own gender and pronouns - flexibly, daily, hourly? - each individual can only be regarded officially as an it. Each person has become a thing

We can infer from this how They - the demon-controlled, Establishment with their Satanic agenda - actually regard humans. As undifferentiated units to be manipulated, used, tormented for pleasure - and ultimately groomed to desire their own damnation. 

(An undifferentiated mass is ultimately how every other Being appears to the Devil; and how every other Being appears to each of the demons. It is the ultimate selfishness and pride. The distinction is between 'me', and everything-else; and everything-else should eventually be in my service. Thus 'me' wants everything-else to be an 'it', and to deny 'its' own sex and individuality.)

The very separateness of one human from another is another target. Hence all the emphasis on global unity and one government ('all in this together!'), anti-national mass migration sustained by antiracism/ anti-nativism...

More fundamentally - there is the ever broader and deeper 'internet of things'; all linked, monitored, controlled; and the extension into carriable, then wearable, then implantable devices to embrace humans - or part-humans/ part-devices -  within that surveillance and coordination web. 

And, if you are spiritual; there is a popular one-ness philosophy (incoherently extracted from Hinduism and Buddhism) that aims at loss of ego and individuality and thinking; and reabsorption into an undifferentiated unity (which is miscalled divine). 

'Love' is defined as absolutely universal and abstract; and self-erase-ingly 'altruistic' (while actual love between specific people - especially in families - is seen as childish and simplistic at best; at worst a type of evil leading to oppression and war).  

Mainstream Christianity has an Achilles heel when it comes to sex; since the influence of pre-Christian spiritual anti-materialist, Platonic paganism entered very early into theology; to imply that angels are sexless and that after resurrection Men are sexless - do not marry, do not reproduce. The fundamentals of sex and sexuality; of marriage and procreation (and from them, the specificity and particularity of love)  are therefore too often seen as merely temporary expedients of this (sinful) mortal life  

The underlying trend betrays the underlying intent; which is to ignore all distinctions and differences, and to insist upon treating all humans as identical subunits of a mass society - and to strip all subunits of self-awareness and agency. 

A goal impossible to attain, you might say? Yes, I would agree. It is metaphysically impossible, and a state of affairs that God would not allow. Nonetheless, the spirits of purposive evil pursue many impossible goals. They are, indeed, the stock-in-trade of evil. 

Erasure of the individual is an impossibility that may continually be approached, asymptotically, getting ever closer without ever arriving.

And in the process doing great evil; because so many Men have (via many different routes) come to embrace this goal of erasure. The millions of administrators and activists who support the trans agenda are part of this; indeed the mainstream leftism of many major national governments explicitly supports major aspects of the agenda; so many 'spiritual' people... so many self-identified Christians have been drawn into supporting this erasure - or at least confused and neutralized from opposing it with clarity. 

What to do? First, recognize evil by discernment. It seems very few are able or willing to do even this - because they find the idea of a world dominated by evil purpose to be intolerable. But such a world should not be intolerable to a Christian who has faith and therefore hope; who knows that the creator is a God who loves us - and whose creation is continuing for our personal ultimate spiritual benefit


Brief Outlines said...

Brilliant and concise. I was once in the company of a young women (educated, self employed activist/filmmaker type) when she declared that individuality was invented by capitalism. I was too dumbfounded to muster a response. There really is a difference between passive and active thinking - the latter does not rest with contradictory, self-undermining statements and will chew away at thoughts until they become sense-making. Active thinking also holds no value in identifying with ideas unless they are true. If they are shown to be untrue, the ego doesn't feel any loss, and will laugh at them. Whereas the passive-thinker has invested their entire identity in ideas and fights to defend them at all costs.

Bruce B. said...

Bruce, I think you’re on to something here. I think the fact that our society is so obsessed with hyperindividuality/expression (tattooing, odd hair colors/styles, which pop-subculture you choose, etc.), disguises the reality that what they’re pushing for is homogeneity/sameness/lack-of-distinctions. I wish I could explain this better.

It’s an odd contradiction – that such a hyperindividualist society is destined for erasure of individual distinctions.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Brief - Thanks!

William Wildblood said...

I think this is a very important insight. It's easy to be seduced by the idea of oneness. It seems so logical, so 'spiritual'. It also can seem to be the basis of love. But, of course, the real basis of love is difference. Oneness, lack of difference actually returns us to the blob of nothingness and no-oneness. When you look at life you see that increased differentiation and individuality is what it's all about. This has to be seen within the context of an overall union with God but when you completely dissolve all the boundaries you are left with nothing and no one.

Sean Fowler said...

Very important piece Bruce. It’s all being done in the name of equality isn’t it.? The impossibility of making everybody equal is overcome by not only denying any differences between them, but also by making it illegal or “discriminatory “ to state that that there are any differences. This regardless of categorization, be it man and woman, black or white. Chinese Japanese or Pekingese.
The only way that the equality they seek can be achieved is when everyone has nothing or is nothing. Pol Pots piles of skulls seem to me to be the perfect representation of the striving for equality and the inevitable conclusion of this striving. Endless rows of crania with hardly anything to distinguish between them. All equal now, black and white rich and poor, male and female.

Bruce Charlton said...

@SF "It’s all being done in the name of equality isn’t it.? " Well, not really, not All. Equality is just one of several major leftist mantras - social justice is another, there are various 'rights', and diversity-inclusion is another (and D-I usually does against equality).

@WW - " when you completely dissolve all the boundaries you are left with nothing and no one" That's it.

@BB - Subversive/ destructive individuality is encouraged - such as permanent bodily mutilation or non-procreative and harmful sexualities; but other individualities - such as wearing a Christian symbol of your choice as a pendant or badge - are often administratively or legally-prohibited (e.g. creating a 'hostile work environment').

Adam said...

A really fine piece, Bruce. I got a great deal out of it.

In a way by erasing sexuality they also succeeded in erasing sex. For sex is almost meaningless now. Amorphous beings engaging in sexual acts that hold no meaning but they are compelled to keep pursuing and acting out. It really is a kind of hell on earth.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Adam - Thank you.

Bruce Charlton said...

Since some of you have especially liked this piece, I should mention that the immediate trigger (which helped bring together the threads this morning) was reading a passage in David Icke's newest book - Perceptions of a Renegade Mind (which is focused on the global coup/ birdemic). Icke is regarded by most people in the UK as a complete nutter (and by the authorities as dangerous - such that he has been 'cancelled' more times in more domains than anyone else - and can only speak in public by private arrangement). But since I began reading him (and watching his videos) five years ago (from the day of the Brexit vote, in fact) https://charltonteaching.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-david-icke-phenomenon-and-brexit.html , I have found *many* valuable insights and a lot of useful information in his work. This despite that Icke is not a Christian anymore, and is indeed hostile to the major denominations. He is, however, honest and brave - and seems to have a warm and loving disposition; and so far that has been enough to keep him well on the right side. Anyway, he has a clear understanding of exactly *where* this stuff (plus the birdemic/ climate change, antiracism etc) is all intended to go.

Jacob Gittes said...

The world "lack of joy" came to my mind for some reason.
Isn't it interesting how all these changes and movements and social engineering projects remove simple joy from life?

the joy of bieng a man or a woman or a child. The joy of enjoying the beauty of a woman, from a distance or as your wife or child. The beauty of being part of the cycle of life.

Evil madness. Joy must be removed.

Lonesome Bird said...

Perhaps this is somewhat off topic, but I wanted to ask if you've ever seen the Stanley Kubrick movie Eyes Wide Shut. If you're familiar with it, do you think such organizations like the masked cult with subtle magic influences exist, or do you think that the whole system is more informal and decentralized?

Anonymous said...

I am more and more struck by how such things seem an attack on the Incarnation, on the proper dignity of the Manhood (humanitas) of Jesus Christ "of a reasonable soul and human flesh subsisting" (to quote the Creed called Athanasian), and on our intended 'Incorporation' or 'Coinherence'("He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him": John 6:56, KJV).

David Llewellyn Dodds