Thursday 5 August 2021

Overcoming the vast scale of failure: recognizing your Achilles' heel

It seems clear that we are all of us raised to have at least one, but usually many, Achilles' heels - weak points in our world view, through-which evil can enter and colonize; and turn us to its side in the spiritual war.  

2020 showed us a comprehensive failure of All human institutions, of All ideologies - the failure even to to recognize the obvious fact of a global, totalitarian, leftist-materialist - hence evil - coup.  

Everybody failed - but in many different ways. 

The various causes of their various failures are what I term their Achilles' heels. 

The collection of these Achilles' heels, over several centuries, could be termed Leftism - or simply the demonic strategy. 

Some early ones were pacifism, abolition (of slavery), and socialism. Nationalism came later. Since the sixties there have been feminism, antiracism, 'environmentalism' (now reduced to 'climate change'), multi-culti-anti-nativism, and the stages of the sexual revolution culminating in the gross lies of the trans-agenda. 

These are all provide examples of the way in in which adherence to a single false - partial, distorted, simplistic - principle or idea, can serve to be the entry point of evil - from which it expands to take-over a person's perspective. 

But 2020 also showed the failure in the West of the Christian churches: the Roman Catholic church, the Anglican churches and the Protestant including Evangelical churches, the Mormon church etc. - none of which recognized the reality of the Satanic coup; all of which explicitly embraced one or more of the coup's ideologies via is weaponized Litmus Test issues. 

What we saw in 2020, on a vast scale, was the failure of every mainstream and powerful metaphysics; due to one or many Achilles' heels. For instance; we have all seen the way in which a 'lifelong' 'committed' socialist, feminist, 'civil rights' activist or whatever, is led-by-the-nose into supporting gross and obvious evil. 

It is obvious why the secular ideologies all failed; but why did the major Christian churches all fail? 

Each for different reasons, perhaps. Each had built itself on some principle which 2020 revealed to be inadequate. Roman Catholics and Mormons relied on their leadership to tell them what was right and what to do - and when these leaders became assimilated to the coup ideology, then members were drawn with them. 

Protestants began with an incoherent dependence on 'scripture' - and (mostly via the generations of corruption of Bible 'scholarship' to secular modes of reasoning) scripture translations and 'historical' interpretation have become incrementally assimilated to the coup ideology. 

It seems that now 'the Bible says' and 'the leaders say' we all ought to live in accordance with the coup agenda in part or in whole: believe the birdemic propaganda, crave the peck, take the knee/ confess our racism, welcome mass colonization/ cultural annihilation by 'refugees', clamour for a worldwide anti-carbon economy - and embrace the new world order of omni-surveillance and micro-control necessary to impose all these and more.  

There has been 'no hiding place' among the institutions, nor among the major churches. No hiding place among the ideologies, the theologies, the systems...

Faced with so many lies, so much dishonesty, such a vast and relentless propaganda, so little courage and principle from an expedient-faithless populace... almost-all social institutions simultaneously capitulated all over the world

And apparently none have repented. (Individuals - yes; but not repentant institutions.)

My understanding is that, by the evil choices of many Men, the world has become as it is; yet God can turn even these End Times to Good. We are now, each of us, confronted by a world of evil institutions - including not just the actual churches, but the principles and practices of those churches - which have been 'turned' onto the side of Satan.  

Each Man must either choose assimilation into this obviously-evil world - supported (overall) by each of the world institutions; or else he is thrown back upon him-self; upon his own personal discernment and judgment - and his capacity to take the side of God and follow Jesus Christ. 

There is no program, nor formula; no checklist nor principle - because all programs and formulae/ checklists and principles have been corrupted and re-directed towards the devil's side.  

What we each do have is the intuition, the heart-thinking, of our divine self (or soul) as internal guidance; we have the revelation of the Holy Ghost as external guidance; and we have the motivation based on hope which comes from faith. 

What this means is that Life has become very simple! 

It seems like a paradox - when the world has reached such an incredible level of complexity and interlocking deception and evil-intent. But as the world has become very-obviously too complex to explain in materialist terms - it has become spiritually simplified to mere evil-intent (in its multifarious and proliferating expressions) 

To take the side of God, solidly and against all these pressure; we absolutely must recognize and repent those Achilles' heels in ourselves - because they are always present. 

Recognize (and repent) those precious-but-vulnerable points of 'central' doctrine or principle which have rendered All of us as individuals (as well as All institutions) vulnerable to colonization by evil.

These are not the central points of Christianity - and never really have been (although in past ages, when Men implicitly assumed and knew more of the divine and spiritual than now, they could without fatal harm be regarded as core and essential). 

The central essence of being-a-Christian is not to be made dependent on any worldly thing - including not depending on the validity on any particular church institution - but come to each of us directly and unmediated from God. 

After all, God is creator and continually create-ing; God is wholly Good - and is our Heavenly Father. And just like any ideal mortal father; God will never leave any single one of his children bereft of sufficient guidance for his salvation and theosis when God can (by his ongoing work of creation) reach and shape the lives of all of us - no matter how bad 'the world' becomes. 

It is faith in this simple fact that gives indomitable hope - and an antidote to fear, despair and all other evil snares. These times can teach us this vital Christian lesson; and more powerfully than any ever before. 



Sean Fowler said...

Well you found my Achilles heal quite early on here Bruce. The abolition of slavery being part of the demonic strategy. I feel sure that they were involved, they seem to get their filthy hands into everything, but can’t say it seems like an entirely bad thing. What am I missing?

Bruce Charlton said...

@SF "can’t say it seems like an entirely bad thing"

That applies to all Leftist ideologies. The problem is that slavery is not always the worst possibility for every person in every circumstance (given the actual alternatives) - and that simple fact is enough to lead to massively bad consequences from abolition in several times and places.

When the ruling elites get solidly behind an issue, one can be pretty sure that it is not for humanitarian reasons... And there are few issues that united the progressive upper classes like abolition.

The problem was in pursuing abolition *at any price* and regardless of consequences. All you need to do is look at the *actuality* of abolition; and not just in the US - but in the rest of the world. Abolition was a British movement, and implemented through the Empire at gunpoint.

Of course all the elite nowadays are 100% 'against slavery' - except it has been reintroduced by their actions, almost everywhere, and continues to grow - under cover of 'multiculturalism' - almost always among the many millions of recent immigrants.

There are tens of thousands of slaves in the UK now (by official figures - necessarily an underestimate). Several were 'discovered' within 10 minutes walk of where I live.

Yet this could (and should), of course, be abolished in a few weeks, since they are all known about - just like the rape gangs with tens of 1000s of (white, native) victims, which operated (and presumably still do) all over the UK for years with full knowledge of the police and social services.

Crosbie said...

Question inspired by Francis Berger's post the other day on corporations: *can* an institution repent? Okay, so the Archbishop of Canterbury can ring his hands and apologize for something someone else did many years ago but that feels somehow unconvincing.

Are there any good examples of institutional repentance? Perhaps repentance is something only the alive can do.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Crosbie - It would be simple for an organization to repent. Any organization could repeal its internal rules with a formal admission that they had been wrong, sinful.

For example the guidance supporting the birdemic/ pecking could be retracted and labelled an error, and stated to be a mask for totalitarian evil; antiracist statements such as support for 'MLB' could be identified and labelled as wrong, stating this is actually an evil-motivated organization; statements in support of the climate change agenda withdrawn - recognizing it is actually an agenda for mass surveillance and control; or changes introduced to rules in support of the sexual agenda.

I don't know of any institution doing any of these.

Whether any institution did this sort of thing in the past - I expect so, but I can't offhand think of an example. But it would not be difficult to do in a technical/ administrative sense - nothing easier.

Days of Lot said...

With some of these causes, I wonder if they're inherently evil or if the elites have "weaponized" them as of late. Environmentalism, workers' rights, the abolition of slavery, etc. have led to improvements in society, but I don't understand why people keep pushing these issues after the original problems have been solved. Preserving the environment turns into "global warming," multiculturalism warps into "antiracism" and "cancel culture," but why?

I am still not sure if leftism is the problem in and of itself, or if the elites like to hijack these causes as an altruistic cover to hide their pretending the birdemic is about our health and safety, rather than simply revealing themselves to be the psychopathic dictators they really are.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TTL -

Michael Dyer said...

@Bruce, I can kind of think of examples. I believe there were times in the Old Testament where kings publicly repented and led the nation in public repentance. This was also semi-repeated historically, if the story is right King Alfred believed the Viking invasion was a divine judgement on the wickedness of the English people. Later, Henry II had himself flogged, publicly, in penance.

Might say that these were individuals, but while a king is a man, a monarchy is an institution. So more kind of an example, not perfect. Since by institutions we mean men, God willing, men can always repent.

A non religious example can be found in Lee Kwan Yew or Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Both men authored socialist policies which they later saw to be failures, Lee actually made it stick.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MD - The difficulty in coming up with real examples - because changes from one kind of secular leftism to another don't fully count - may be that committees are intrinsically evil, as a method of decision making.

Only an individual can be responsible hence moral - a vote is not moral, because not responsible - hence it is immoral.

So in the modern world, committees/ votes often make wrong decisions for evil reasons; but apparently never repent these wrong decisions for good reasons (because, repentance must be motivated for good).

Churches often claim to be ruled by/ to represent a mystical personality that is Good - and that their voting is guided by the Holy Ghost. But the lack of this repentance (plus, for example, their behaviour from 2020) makes me believe that this is - here and now - a false claim.

The institutional churches are *just* institutions, being *essentially* like other modern institutions and part of the same System. And churches embody the same intrinsic evils of bureaucracy as found elsewhere.

(I believe this was otherwise in the past, when Men were able to think and be in a groupish or 'corporate' fashion, when Men could immerse themselves in a group mind of a church... Then, there was a possibility of a church being greater than any of its individual members/ leaders. Not so now.

Spiritual guidance can be and is claimed, but merely verbally. Actual church behaviour - acutely and over time - is consistent with 2021 churches being normal, mainstream, secular, materialist bureaucracies.