Thursday 26 August 2021

Four steps to understand these times

1. Totalitarian

2. Global

3. Evil

4. Supernaturally evil

1. It is an observable fact that we live (for 18months) in a world where there is (leaving aside supposed reasons for it) more and more surveillance, control and compulsion - extending into what used-to-be regarded as private and autonomous life. Society is objectively totalitarian.  

2. This qualitative increase in totalitarianism happened everywhere in the world at pretty much the same time (a span of a few months); compatible with this being globally coordinated and administered.

3. The vast, repeated, systemic, un-repented lying of the leaders and representatives of the global totalitarian system is solid evidence that they are purposively evil.   

4. And this purposive evil is primarily of supernatural origin. The global totalitarianism has no coherent materialist plan - too much chaos is encouraged to be aiming at total-order; is too bureaucratic and controlling to be wholly aimed-at destruction; the 'elites' are simultaneously feathering and fouling their nests. This is explicable if human leaders are functioning as the servants and dupe of supernaturally evil demonic being.  

The above is intended as a potentially-helpful model to clarify your existing understanding; it is not meant to be an off-the-peg template for evangelical purposes. 


Francis Berger said...

That lays it out very clearly and succinctly.

Side note: Please don't take the following the wrong way, but I find the fact that these kinds of posts still need to be written somewhat dismaying. Nevertheless, they *do* still need to be written!

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - Well, it is not really *needed* - but I find it deepens my understanding to organize the same material in different ways. I used to do the same thing as a scientist.

Stephen Macdonald said...

They certainly need to be written. There is but a tiny handful of people on the internet even attempting to tell the *whole* truth. Believe me, I've been scouring the web for years.