Monday 2 August 2021

Two ways of rightly understanding the birdemic and its pecks: bottom-up or top-down

Yes - but why?

There seem to be two ways in which people have reached a correct understanding of what is going-on with the birdemic and the mandatory peck campaign.

The first is to be a skeptical and independent-minded person with a gift of joining-dots, pattern-recognition and with a truth-and-coherence-seeking disposition; and then to do a lot of research, comparison and rigorous thinking. 

This is the bottom-up route - aimed at building an overall understanding by holding many facts and theories in-mind - and it is complex, hence open to few Men.

The other way of understanding the birdemic-peck accurately is to be a real Christian who is used to discerning evil. 

To be someone who acknowledges the reality of the devil and demons in this world - and who is able and willing to recognize their activities whenever they impinge. 

This is the top-down method - in which right-thinking and right choices are the goal; and understanding of the phenomena is not sought. 

The top-down method is simple, it is quick - and it is open to any Man who has chosen to love and follow Jesus


Sean G. said...

It's hard to imagine how bottom-up could ever be preferred. No matter how great of a scholar you are, your information will always fall infinitely short.

The top-down approach is illuminating. Difficult decisions become obvious, complex situations appear simple, and liars unconvincing.

Jacob Gittes said...

Of course, one can always try both, and let them mutually reinforce each other. Earlier in life, I was totally buttom-up. Now I'm trying to be more top-down, because it allows one to go through everyday life with more ability to discern what to do. One can't analyze every situation comprehensively and actually live a normal life!

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

I believe that Dr. Charleton wrote:
"Does the fake birdemic prove the truth of Spiritual War; or does the reality of Spiritual War enable us to perceive the fakeness of the birdemic?"

He continues:
"Having make such a discernment, it is not at all difficult to see demonic fingerprints all over the birdemic." Id.

I find these two quotes immensely powerful.

MagnusStout said...

Simple and accurate description (plus hilarious photo :)

I've been pondering this with regard to formerly Christian denominational leadership. So, the simplest answer is: they either lacked true faith or chose to ignore internal guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Thinking about Judas in relation to that question above: he witnessed incredible miracles & knew by every one of his five senses that Christ was Lord. But, the key is that he never wanted (in his heart) that kind of a Christ--he wanted a politically-involved Christ. This impulse is also at the root of idol worship (think back to the Israelites fashioning the golden calf to worship instead of waiting on Moses and being faithful). It's Man forcing a god he wants, rather than accepting the "I am that I am."

I would submit that the Judas principle works hand-in-hand with the spirit of antichrist (which is really about creating a world where Man appears to be at center). So, these Judas leaders--like the current Pope--are betraying our Lord in the same manner: they are subsuming spiritual reality for an "enlightened" materialism.

The main lesson of Job is learning spiritual humility: God does not have to explain Himself to us. Yet, He is jealous and demands fidelity. Other images in the Bible speak of us as the Bride of Christ, to be receptive and chaste for Him. There can be only one leader in marriage, and it is not us (like all healthy marriages, the wife submits to her husband). Thus, being cheerful, chaste, loving and humble is the disposition of the true Christian and the best defense against the evil snares.