Friday 20 August 2021

Just how clever are the demonic overlords?

Just how clever are the demonic overlords who now run the whole world at a strategic level - their few possessed, many servants, and multi-millions of dupes running things at the national and local scale? 

Are the demons, as many have claimed, supernaturally intelligent? 

The question arises because to recognize the decades of long-termist planning and manipulation (and construction of the systemic instruments of planning and manipulation) that went into the Global coup of 2020 - is to recognize an order of sustained purpose, insight and cleverness that appears to go far beyond that of the intellectual ruling classes.

(Many of whom I have known or interacted-with personally - and can confirm that they are grossly inadequate to have planned and manipulated the world in the way that it has been; and are indeed themselves dupes of the most extreme kind.)

The masses now lack even that minimal level of capacity for coherent thinking to recognize that there was a coup, or that they are now ruled globally by purposive evil, or that their very existence (and salvation) are imminently threatened! 

The masses have just enough intelligence and analytic ability, falsely to deny the obvious.  

So are the demonic masters of this world super-intelligent, perhaps by virtue of being immortal spirits?

I would say - Certainly Not

What they have-done and are-doing is readily grasped by any 'normal' adult intelligence rooted in a core belief in God and Jesus Christ*

The human problem is not a relative lack of intelligence, but an absolute deficit of coherent rooting of human intelligence.

Thus, Satan and his army of demons are merely humanly intelligent and insightful; but that ability is organized and directed over the long term of many human generations by their sleepless malice. 

Demons have nothing to do but plan and scheme for the malefit of Man and the gratification this brings to them; and that is precisely what they do do.   

This is why the powers of evil were, for so many human generations, held at bay; and only after Mankind had become so incoherently-materialistic as to deny the reality God, creation and therefore to deny Satan (who, by his nature, opposes God and creation), and thereby to deny the reality of evil...

Only then could the demons outwit Man. 

It is only because Modern Man is self-blinded and self-maimed by his (denied) metaphysical assumptions, that demons have come to seem supernaturally intelligent and clever... 

To the extent that Modern Man finds it literally inconceivable that anybody (any being) could contrive the 2020 Global coup and devise this totalitarian world. And, because it is inconceivable - Modern Man reaches for anything-but the simple, obvious explanation*.


*The experience of 2020 shows that many fewer self-identified Christians actually do have a core and rooted belief in God and Jesus Christ than I, at least, would have guessed. Since early 2020 there is now a wedge driven-between (on the one hand) those whose Christianity is externally located in a church/ scripture/ tradition/ theology; and (on the other hand) those whose Christianity is inner-based and primarily upon a direct relationship with the divine and especially Jesus (who is the Holy Ghost). Either we rely essentially on being-told; or we rely on the discernment of God from-within. Although the one does not exclude the other - and ideally both should be active; only inner or outer authority can be primary. And when authority is primarily externally located, then it will now be corrupted by totalitarian evil.   

**This (together with an incapacity coherently to conceptualize evil) accounts for the popularity of purely-hypothetical and question-begging 'emergent phenomena' as pseudo-explanations for apparently (and actually) teleological, purposive and coordinated evil leadership. Such hypotheses ('like flocking' or chaos/ complexity theories) always have a deep structure which assumes, but covertly, that which is to be explained. 


Jacob Gittes said...

A very cogent little essay, and it gives one hope, actually. Sometimes the more materialistic/atheistic type "truthers" impute far too much genius or cleverness to the demonic forces.
Now, they are clever. They hire the best and brightest dupes they can. My mother would call them "educated idiots." And they are. High IQ, but low discernment. Very few of the intellectual elite (scientists, statisticians, academics) have any real belief in God or the divine. For decades at an accelerating rate, God-beliving men and women have been ruthlessly culled from academia.

The good news is that being cut off from God means that the remaining functionaries are not that bright in real terms, and they are making a lot of mistakes.
These mistakes should yield highest possible numbers waking up or seeing with new eyes.
That may not be a high number in absolute terms, but all we need is a growing contingent of the spiritually aware.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jake - "They hire the best and brightest dupes they can."

There has not been intelligence based hiring since the late 1960s and the introduction and increase of 'affirmative' action, i.e. group-preferences for women and some racial groups.

e.g. this analysis I did a while ago:

This on top of the anti-IQ screening effect of requiring high conscientiousness/ obedience

Then there are the quotas that 'elite' colleges impose to increase the proportion of lower than 100 IQ groups, while putting a ceiling on several higher than IQ groups (especially East Asians).

In other words, if there is one thing that the 'elite' institutions are Not selecting for over the past couple of decades, it is intelligence.

And the other attribute selected-against (by favouring conscientiousness/ obedience) is creativity:

So the most-selective institutions have been select against both intelligence and creativity for many decades. And it shows.

Jacob Gittes said...

Thanks for the follow-up. I don't expect you to publish this comment, but for what it's worth, I have good evidence there there was been an actual conspiracy that goes beyond affirmative action and official bureaucracy to weed out the good, the geniuses, the creative. Again, this sort of comment may be going off the rails of your preferred type of comment, but I believe, based on personal experience and data given to me by others that gifted and creative individuals who will not comply or "take the ticket" are actively conspired against, harassed, and sometimes psychologically or physically harmed to remove them from the system.

And it makes sense - why wouldn't demons and their minions do this? It could be as simple as the common narcissistic/demonic trait of seeing a beautiful innocent child playing and that triggering the narcissit/demon to attack and traumatize the child. Such damage builds up.
Then there is the documented cases of MK Ultra victims such as Ted Kazcinski (sp). A true mathematical genius, forever warped by his experiences...

a_probst said...

"...the most-selective institutions have been selecting against both intelligence and creativity for many decades."

From your genius famine book, I get the impression that there's less intelligence and creativity to select against nowadays.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ap - Yes, there's that too. The combination explains the tide of incompetence. But even worse is the incoherent thinking consequent upon ingrained, habitual atheism-materialism.

JWM said...

Some may look at the current level of chaos, death, and destruction caused by the birdemic, and figure, "Somebody decided to create just this outcome, and went to all the trouble to build an ultra-high tech laboratory in China just to engineer a new virus to do the dirty work. This whole thing was planned from the gate."

Or maybe reckless fools were messing with stuff that should never be messed with. The technicians believed themselves to be amoral functionaries. Not their job to ask why they're creating death.
Once the bug escaped, the jackals, rats, and vultures, in government,media, and med-tech, seized the opportunity to exploit the panic for their own totalitarian ends.

Which brings us back to the first question: Who thought it was a good idea to create the bug in the first place?