Thursday 1 December 2016

Brexit-in-name-only, Trump-as-perception only: We are still just at stage one of a spiritual revival

Five months after Brexit and, of substance, there has been nothing at all; Trump elected with a perception that he was intending to reverse decades of sliding into Leftist lunacy and self-loathing, and his decisions and appointments are merely 'business as usual' for a mainstream Republican President...

Well, what did you expect? If it was simply a matter of a majority vote overturning two generations of domination by the Global Establishment, then we would not be in the trouble we are.

If deep structural distortions, warped aspirations, psychotic perceptions and inverted morality could be undone from within The System, by unrepentant System-Insiders - then there would not be anything to worry about in the first place.

But none of this is true. The situation is so dire, the intentions of the ruling elites now so urgently destructive of Good; that positive change must be seismic - and must come from a change of heart among the mass of Western people as well as the replacement of key leadership personnel.

That nothing has yet happened is just as expected, because Brexit and Trump are only significant if they herald the first steps in a process which can only be effectual outside the established channels of power and influence; and they are only productive of Good if there is a widespread spiritual and religious awakening such that enough people recover their understanding what is Good, and the courage to pursue it.

Of this, there is as yet no overt sign. Probably there will first need to be a recognition that - after all - nothing has changed and there is no intention (from within) of any real change; but the most interesting step would be to see how a renewed spirit of Good might operate, what new channels it might flood into, how it would lead to results...

IF there is a spiritual revival and a spirit of common sense and determination, I have no idea what might happen, but hope I will soon get to observe this for myself.

I expect the unexpected.

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