Thursday 4 October 2018

A world of people and institutions who are unshakeably wrong about everything important, all of the time

What they think is important is trivial and false; what they suppose to be proven-untrue is not just correct but blindingly obvious to the meanest intellect; what they suppose to be based on evidence is simply assumed...

Every new idea they have is wrong and harmful; everything they want to abolish is better than what they want to replace it with...

The people they admire are manufactured fakes - the people they despise include saints and creative geniuses.

Their idea of beauty is viscerally ugly - they go to great expense and effort to erect vile and useless buildings and construct futile technologies.

They mock wholesome virtue and call it hypocrisy because it is flawed; and give medals, prizes and aristocratic titles to the successfully greedy, lustful, dishonest and exploitative - especially when they boast about their wickedness.  

Their entire world view is a conspiracy theory of made-up paranoia; while they label common sense inferences based on plain facts as conspiracy theories.

They regard themselves as anti-authoritarian while believing anything and everything purely on the basis of their notions of high status provenance.

Most importantly, they despise and mock faith - regarding it as gullible, wishful thinking; their own faith is invisible to them, paradoxically denied by them - yet is responsible for all the above.

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MultiplayerMario64 said...

It’s a poisonous ground for any young person to grow. You are more than likely to become spiritually stunted and morally twisted to serve the narcissistic cabal. To me the most satanic aspect of all this is that children are turned into objects of lust. It screams demonic and it is all over our enlightened society. Innocence and real manhood as well as womanhood guarding innocence must die.