Sunday 21 October 2018

Christian v Pagan; Right v Left - what we believe matters...

William Wildblood writes that, more now than ever before, what we believe matters; and no rational adult is exempt: there is no neutral ground:

What we believe reflects what we are. What we reject also reflects what we are. 

There is an argument that different people might simply be focusing on different aspects of the whole and that the truth lies in a reconciliation or integration of various beliefs. No one is completely right and no one is completely wrong. 

I'm afraid this won't do. Like all false arguments, it has elements of truth but there is a fundamental reality that must be acknowledged first before these lesser subsidiary truths come into play. If that is ignored then the lesser truths don't have much significance. 

For instance, pagans might be open to aspects of reality that Christians do not acknowledge. Indeed, they are. However the reality that the spiritual Christians uphold is of a higher order and more profound nature than that of the pagans. It is more comprehensive, deeper and, quite simply, truer. 

Likewise with right and left. The right, when true to itself, sees everything in the light of God, the left sees everything in the light of humanity or that nebulous concept 'the people'. 

Both may be valid. One is considerably more so. They are not equivalent.

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ted said...

Like Godel said, you're system is either complete or coherent, but can not be both.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Godel phrased it in the negative for a reason, because it is entirely possible for a system to be incomplete and incoherent...and most systems are both. A system is doing spectacularly well to be only one or the other.