Saturday 13 October 2018

The self-destroying strategies of top-down radicalism/ Leftism

Since communism; we have lived in a weirdly inverted world in which the elite, while remaining the elite and retaining their wealth, status and power; operate by creating, importing and sustaining a supposed proletariat of deserving 'victims'; the whole system functioning by extracting resources from a diminishing minority of full-time working taxpayers (i.e. the reviled 'middle class' - predominantly composed of native-born married men).

It is a weird world... The fact that almost-nobody can see what is factually the case; and instead regards this as a world in which the only group of people who do real work, and support the others; are actually the only group of people who are openly mocked, loathed and persecuted is perhaps not surprising - given that the workers are a shrinking minority.

But the further interesting and significant aspect is that the ruling elites are systematically and strategically destroying this system - which seems to benefit them so much; especially by importing truly colossal numbers of increasingly entitled and resentful dependents from around the world - in the UK amounting to one major city's worth per year (more than 10 million added to a country of 60 million in just 15 years).

Obviously this will destroy the system.

What will the result be? Well, on present trends, a wide-spread and lasting state of widespread mutual envy, resentment, material greed and fear. A low-level war of each group against all others, of fragile fake alliances; a world in which the individual is defined by allocated group; and thus a world in which groups cohere only by fear - and in which self-destructive despair lies in wait whenever fear and hatred subside...

So the elite are deliberately sawing-off the branch they rest upon: but why?

My answer is that the elite persons are the servile dupes of the real rulers - who are supernatural demonic forces of evil; this explains why the elite are Not ruling in their own best interest - nor the best interests of any humans.

And it is surprising how very few people recognise this fact!...

Well - no it isn't surprising - since this real-reality is ruled-out for almost everyone by the assumption that there cannot exist any such cause.

This is a weird world, it is a delusional world; but that is to be expected - insanity is inevitable - when the public world is one in which spiritual facts are ruled-out by prior assumptions that (because the assumptions are metaphysical) cannot ever be refuted by any possible evidence.

But insanity is maladaptive, necessarily - by ignoring crucially-explanatory causal realities, behaviour fails: it cannot sustain itself. 

So we go on our merry way to self-damnation...


William Wildblood said...

This can be related to your previous post about consciousness in that it shows most people don't really think. They either accept the status quo as it is presented to them or they rebel against that in the conventional manners of the day but they rarely go beyond either of these options and look at a situation taking all the relevant factors into account. You could explain the elite's self-destructive behaviour by seeing it as focussing on the short term only, and that does indeed play a part in how they act, but deeper analysis must see that they are being manipulated by the forces you describe.

Things are so far advanced now there is no other possible explanation for these suicidal tendencies. What could at one time have been explained in terms of certain groups pursuing an aberrant ideology or their own self-interest cannot now be seen in any other light than a headlong rush to spiritual destruction.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Yes indeed. It isn't, it cannot be, just short-termist selfishness; because it is so blazingly obvious to mere common sense, personal experience, two-step logic.

But of course, it probably would not be possible except for saturation mass media having become so authoritative and dominant that people no longer believe common sense, personal experience, or two-step logic if it conflicts with or goes beyond mainstream public discourse.

Chip said...

Might they be counting on a new proletariat consisting also of the global labor force? And the dependents will still be consumers, whose social costs and subsidies will be paid mostly by the existing middle class and the new proletariat. Perhaps they see the native middle class only slowly being obliterated. Of course the replacement class may not be as compliant as they hope, but it could be a generation or more and i don't think they care about our descendents any more than they do about our ancestors.

Chiu ChunLing said...

While unwitting dupes are the great majority, I think that we must acknowledge that the high incidence of psychopathy among the ruling elite means that some are not dupes at all, the pleasure they derive from knowingly causing harm on such a vast scale is more than sufficient reward for them.

About 1% of humans are what we might term, for practical purposes, demons with human bodies. As climbing to positions of extreme power and influence in a large civilization requires many actions which will be distasteful to non-psychopaths, the self-selection of social elites leads to a disproportionate number of such individuals among them. Especially in a decadent civilization, in which parasitic existence at the expense of others (rather than in genuine service) becomes the primary motivating force to have substantial power at all.

It is only readily humanly possible to serve about 150 people known to you out of love (or hate) for them as individuals. Beyond that, the relationship between leaders and those depending on them become more impersonal, and thus more characterized by indifference to them as people. But for the psychopath, the delight in causing harm to others is not so greatly attenuated by not actually knowing them on a personal basis.

Thus a large civilization must make an extraordinary and persistently conscientious effort to exclude psychopaths from the ruling class or they will rapidly become a dominating factor due to their disproportionate hunger for power over others. Once they have taken over, there is no effective recourse other than to allow the corrupted civilization to collapse utterly, killing nearly everyone dependent on it.

Our modern civilization has been an astonishing success in keeping vast numbers of humans alive who certainly would have died without modern civilization. So the human dimension of the coming tragedy is different in scale to a degree that constitutes a difference in kind. The vast majority of humanity now alive will perish, and because of the extremely limited numbers of those composed to regard death in a proper perspective, the vast majority of those who die are going to die badly.

And for a considerable and highly influential minority of the ruling class (and ever larger and less of a minority as one reaches the top of the heap), this is not a bug, it is a feature.