Saturday 27 October 2018

Evil needs an echo chamber

Managerialism is totalitarianism - hence (obviously) evil; yet most middle class people are (pretty much) managers; not least because managers (having passed the point at which they outnumber functional people) control the purse-strings and dictate the conditions of service.

But also, managers need to be paid more; because:

1. (Almost) everybody hates being a manager - and only does it for the money. (Evidence? When did you hear of a retired manager staying on to do a bit of unpaid managing? Yet doctors, teachers, scientists all do this - or did before managers wrecked their jobs; and poets, novelists, dancers, musicians nearly always work for nothing (or, indeed, net pay-to-work).

2. Modern managers know that they do harm - that they are parasites.

This means that managerial morale is a problem (as, of course, is the morale of those they manage - but that's a different story). So how to improve managerial morale? Public Relations, is the answer - managers employ most of the working journalists and advertisers in inventing, running, writing-for the ubiquitous 'in house' e-mails, journals, newsletters, updates, special lectures, lecture series, conferences, and 'weeks' (womens' week, diversity week, transgender week etc).

These are partly for propagandising the managed staff - but, I think, mainly for the managers to try and convince themselves that they are doing an important, beneficial job - and doing it well.

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Tobias said...

And when you see what managers are and what management is, and state it clearly when you are at work, and say so all the time, like I did, you are hounded and vilified. Complete eye opened alienation from the hideousness of it all is first painful, then it is liberating. But it is only a first step.