Wednesday 31 October 2018

Institutional convergence and institutional addiction (Is the world trying to tell us something?)

'Convergence' is a useful and apt recent usage to describe the process by which all modern Western institutions are becoming one kind of socio-politically-orientated organisation; all these organisations are becoming bureaucracies; and all these bureaucracies are joining to make a single, ultimately global, totalitarian (hence evil) system.

For more than fifty years there has been a general trend towards institutional corruption in The West; if corruption is defined as an institution purposively-failing to pursue its designated function.

Convergence is now, already, established as a universal fact: socio-political considerations are primary in all organisations that are large, powerful or high status.

There is zero institutional resistance to convergence; all institutional power is now in favour of continued, universal convergence; the drive is everywhere to extend its scope and pervasiveness.

The world is trying to tell us that institutions are evil. 

But we don't want to hear this. 

We remain institutionally-addicted. People so much want what institutions pretend to offer, that they are self-blinded to the reality of actual, achieved, increasing convergence.

Leaving aside the materialist consequences of converged institutions (inevitable socio-political collapse) we need to consider the spiritual aspect; because it is that failure which drives convergence.

When all institutions are net-evil; goodness is to be found in individuals or nowhere. 

If we want to be Good, we must take personal responsibility.

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