Wednesday 23 December 2020

Approaching this new astronomical year - are there realistic grounds for optimism?

As I have blogged before - there are various justifiable candidates for the start of a New Year - of which the weakest is January 1st!

One of the strongest candidates for New Year is surely the winter solstice; and that has now passed, and therefore we are already in the new astronomical year. 

So, how do I regard the prospect? To answer, I need to divide the spiritual from the material.


Materially speaking I have near-total pessimism about the coming year. I don't know in what specific material ways 2021 will be even worse than 2020 (which I regard as the worst year for many decades) - but I don't perceive any significant movement towards an overall-better material world.


Spiritually; I regard 2020 as probably the worst year in the history of the world, so far as I know. 

The only question about this is: how much of 2020 was a mass movement of people becoming evil (joining-with the side of Satan, the side against-God, creation and The Good)? --- And how much of 2020 was 'merely' a revealing of evil in people that was already there, but until 2020 was occult, hidden?

How much of 2020 was wholesale corruption into evil, and how much was merely a vast unmasking of already-present evil? 


On the whole, I am inclined to belive that 2020 took a very large number of (often nice, decent, kind) people who were only just on the side of evil, but in a condition that repentance would not have been unlikely; and has led them deeper and deeper into evil choices, each new wrong choice building-upon the previous one; with a greater and greater surrender of their souls to evil; and the abrogation of responsibility to evil external sources. 

(For example, those who accepted the validity of the birdemic and the Establishment's global-coup 'response'; then supported in-your-face lying-evil of MLB-antiracism; and then went to to deny the stunningly-obvious fraud of the presidential election... By which time they were deeply on-side with the Father of Lies. Each wrong choice makes more-likely the next, and builds-upon the previous.) 

By now, the masses of the world seem to have chosen to become Hollow Men, willingly open vessels to receive the purposive evil that dominates public discourse; vehement, agngry, self-righteous in their rejection of honesty and truth. 

And therefore their condition worsens, resistance-drains away, repentance is less likely, with every passing day.

That is my evaluation of the Big Picture ,and the mass majority. 

That damage has been done, and I see little chance that it will be undone. Those who are bad will presumably continue to get worse. 

We now have a mass world who hold fast to the value-inversions of the demonic perspective, who have chosen to live-by untruthfulness, fear, resentment, and despair. 

But - starting from that very low ebb - I do have a relative degree of spiritual optimism about 2021...


It seems that there is a significant, albeit small, minority who have begun to wake-up over the past few months. 

At present, this is mainly negative - an awakening awareness of the evil nature and intentions of the Global Establishment. More people realise more of the Big Lies. More people notice that government and the mass media, and the leadership of all major institutions, are strategically and purposively evil. 

For some, the trigger was the contradictions of the birdemic, for some it was the antracism exacerbation of MLB - with its lies, riots, arson and murders being excused, funded and indeed mandatorily celebrated by what seemed like every corporation and organisation and agency. For others it was the US election, and the genuinely brave response of the President; contrasted with the stunning, monolithic, bare-faced dishonesty of the media and global officialdom.   

At any rate, my perception is that this awakening to lies, especially, is happening; and this is a Good Thing... 

However, it is Not Enough, and will not amount to anything substantive unless it becomes a positive, that is a Christian, thing - and given the annihilation and suicide of the churches, that Christianity would have to be Romantic


In other words, 2020 has seen a great deal of the worst people getting more evil; and of middling-wavering people choosing the side of evil (e.g. failing a Litmus Test) - then moving deeper into that state... 

But only recently have we seen the other side of this 'End Times' phenomenon of 'things coming to a point'; the polarisation and separation of sheep and goats* - with some people beginning to see reality more clearly, taking courage, and being strengthened in their conviction of supporting the God and The Good. 


Whather this awakening will actually happen to many people is something I don't know and nobody knows - but I am more optimistic that it will happen to significant numbers of folk, than I was four months ago. 

(And every single, individual soul who chooses to accept Jesus's offer of resurrected life in Heaven is of eternal, hence incalculable, benefit!) 

So, 2021 may well prove to be better than 2020; better spiritually, even though (almost certainly) worse materially.  

*By my understanding, the best thing to be nowadays is a goat-like sheep! We want to be a sheep in the sense of following the Good Shepherd, but goat-like in terms of that species' characteristic individualism, courage and sheer bloody-mindedness. To be sheep-like nowadays is suicidally damning; I mean 'sheep-like' in terms of passively following the flock, being led by just anybody who waves a stick at us, or fleeing in blind panic from the slightest perceived danger. 

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