Friday 4 December 2020

Do Right - Right Now! The potential post-election movement to fight evil dishonesty must have positive Christian motivations - If it is to Do-Good

The present situation is that the world, and especially the rulers of the world, are extremely evil: more so than at any time in history, because their evil extends to the ultimate form of value-inversion

Up to now, the masses have been - passively, and for short-termist and selfish gains, unconstrained by their Godless hedonism - going-along-with this top-down imposition of evil. 

Consequently the masses are by-now also extremely evil; as is abundantly evident, apparently everywhere in the world, in 2020. 


So, is there a realistic possibility - starting from where we Actually are Now, that there could be a movement to fight this evil? 

It seems timely to ask this question because, as of two days ago - and for the first time in some decades; there does seem to be a powerful leader against-evil in the shape of the incumbent US president - who has made a strong statement of intent to fight the foundational Establishment evil of strategic, systematic untruthfulness, dishonesty and (ever Bigger) Big Lies. 

Is it conceivable that this might be the start of a genuine 'movement' against this modern, global evil of untruthfulness? - which (I have often argued) is perhaps the single underpinning and most-pervasive evil of the modern world. 

I feel that is so; this could be the start of something Good and Big.

And I am in no doubt about the rightness of the cause. 


However, the moral fact that untruthfulness really is an evil, an important and growing evil, and ought to be fought; is by-itself not sufficiently motivating

Experience tells us, without doubt, that to be effective in virtue; Men must have something to fight-for, as well as fight-against.  

At present, Men are (I think, implicitly when not explicitly) being asked to fight-for democracy; that is, a kind of voting; which I regard as itself intrinsically tending-to evil (since it denies personal responsibility - and personal responsibility is the only kind). 

In other words, I regard stealing an election as evil because it is dishonest; and not because it is 'undemocratic'. To fight against dishonesty but for democracy, is merely to exchange one evil motivation for another; and it would therefore be of little or no net value. 

Indeed, it may even lead to worse things. 


Other possibilities are equally unsuitable. For instance it would not be a good thing to fight-for US 'greatness' - since greatness is not a virtue; and the same applies to the varieties of peace, prosperity, comfort and convenience that might be proposed as positive goals. 

I am, of course, saying that, on the one hand, Men will only fight when motivated; and, on the other hand, I am clarifying that - for Christians - only Christian virtues are genuinely worth fighting-for


For this potential movement to fight the evil of untruthfulness, and for this fight really to work (and I really hope that it will work) requires that the movement very swiftly becomes Christianised in its core positive motivation/s and values - Christian both among the leadership, and among the masses (or some of them). 

I don't know if this will happen, but I do believe that it could happen. 

I believe that a window has been created where such a thing is possible - if the right people, and enough people in the right circumstances, Do The Right Thing. 


As always the responsibility lies with you and me - because nobody can know the consequences of their virtue. 

Indeed, we should not even be trying to guess the probabilities of me-doing-good leading to good outcomes! That is devil's work!

We can only do it right, right-now; and then see what happens - which itself further depends on what other-people do, which itself partly depends on what we ourselves have-done. 


In the end it is down to us each to Do Right - Right Now. 


David Earle said...

The fact that this is all going on during Christmas, should hopefully help to awaken people to what is being fought here.

I feel like this is the time of year when people are most hopeful and most spiritually awakened.

Gary Bleasdale said...

I´m not sure I see the connection between the US President´s open and explicit fight against the obviously violated election process (and therefore parts of the vast, dark system which enabled that) and an increased chance of a Christian revival (an "opening of a window").

That it might suddenly "awaken" a very large number of people to the profound corruption of the system is possible, even probable, but I can´t see the connection between that happening and said "awakening" leading people to Christ in large numbers (either via conversion or via a powerful strengthening of existing faith).

In part, because the fact of system being massively corrupt has been quite clear for decades now (and in the last 10-15 years, blindingly so), with huge amounts of large-scale destructive events happening almost constantly.

More than enough "terrible, large-scale things" have happened that, if the realisation of this sort of thing were the sort of thing to lead men to Christ were a fact, we would already have seen the mass conversion.

It seems to me, that nothing Christianly significant has happened here... from a Spiritual perspective, it is just another step in the same direction, which is a further "sorting out", "falling apart" and of "things coming to a point", which has been happening for a while.

And those who believe in God, Christ, and in personal responsibility for their own salvation and good works and truthfulness, must continue to do their part, as was true yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that...

As always, I´m not stating that I´m right... these are very hard (impossible) things to get completely right, even in a general sense, but ultimately, I don´t think these sort of things lead men to Christ more than any other. And therefore, nothing particularly new has happened here - our task is the same as always, and deeply personal and un-transferable and un-massifiable.

Hamish said...

It was very telling that the national broadcaster where I live has not mentioned Trumps address at all, and as of the second day still has not. After watching all 45 minutes, only the most obtuse or dishonest would deny its political and historical significance. I cannot think of a stronger statement in my lifetime by someone in authority that goes completely against the ‘official’ narrative. We are on the cusp of something big however it turns out.

The Defender said...

Dear Dr. Charlton,

This is a most excellent article. No surprise, given your track record.

I have some comments:

“Men must have something to fight-for, as well as fight-against.”

The present Campaign of Evil has as its principal earthy targets Christians and white people. As a Christian white man, I fight to defend my people and my Faith. This is love in action. We Christians and whites need to adopt this attitude of fighting to protect ourselves.

Of course, we must fight wisely, not rashly.

“…it would not be a good thing to fight-for US 'greatness' - since greatness is not a virtue;…”

Part of the Campaign of Evil is trying to convince its targets that they are Bad People. Aiming for greatness gives us courage by reminding us of the great achievements of our ancestors and convinces ourselves that we are worth defending.

Of course, we should define “greatness” in the most noble way, and not be misguided by petty motives.

“For this potential movement to fight the evil of untruthfulness, and for this fight really to work (and I really hope that it will work) requires that the movement very swiftly becomes Christianised…”

I sense that this is becoming true. Consider, for example, Nick Fuentes and the America First movement. I am part of AF, though not by formal affiliation, and our movement is growing. We fight for Christianity, although that is not our sole focus.

Of course, actually being Christian has first priority, with fighting to protect Christendom a close second.

MagnusStout said...

I respectfully disagree.

Vox Day is right about the election fraud (and many other things), but wrong about Covid (a search of his posts shows he has been largely blind about its spiritual significance). It's a deeply human impulse to want an earthy "king" to lead us to "victory" (Vox and his allies often refer to Trump as "The God Emperor" or "TGE"). Heck, I even appreciate (& enjoy) Trump's Alpha-male posturing offending all the right groups. The QAnon movement (which Vox Day supports) really stirs up the just longing to crush earthy evil. But, the Devil is in the details...

The QAnon movement is true with regard to the existence of powerful Jeffrey Epstein-like groups, but wrong in that it pushes Alice Bailey Luciferianism as the solution. Remember: Satan cloaks himself as an Angel of Light. This is very intoxicating stuff to the Right and many have been taken in by it.

The persuasive modeling I've seen indicates American Civil War no later than 2024--regardless of who "wins." Trump's recent speech--technically excellent--simply portends a Franco-type solution (ex: the Spanish Civil War). And, many on the Right will toss their lot in with him for approximately the same reasons.

Here's where things get odd: while Trump is less evil than Harris-Biden, he has done *nothing* to defeat the Covid Cult. In fact, he has supported the lying and Fraudulent Fauci! Worse, he has the military (!) involved in "Operation Warpspeed" to dispense a dubious RNA vaccine (WTF?). Trump is either 1) less powerful than Fauci, Gates and his Luciferian ilk, or 2) fully in support of their tremendously Evil plans.

Our "hill to die on" is not this election fraud, but rather who is working to stop the transition from Masks to Marks (the Covid-cult). Trump is not and is therefore on the Wrong Side. If he declares martial law some good may come of it, but the Agenda (remember: Covid Cult) will proceed uninterrupted and largely supported by the very faction which has the most guns and military experience--the Right. In this way, he acts as a Judas Goat.

Sorry, Trump is not actually on Our Side.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Defender - Perhaps you misunderstood. The things you give as reasons are good reasons, but they are not enough. The fact we are where we are shows they are not enough.

Why they are not enough, I am not *sure* - but I think perhaps because they are reducible to selfishness. And that is indeed why they are secular motivations - you don't have to be religious to pursue biological motivations like better health, more money, increased lifespan etc.

Yet they don't work. None of them work, none of them can work until they are rooted in a religious (eternal, other-worldly) persepctive. We must believe we live in a creation, not a random collision of atoms; that the creator loves us, not that love is a by-product of natural selection.

I am sure we are at a point where only a clear and explicit Christian basis is capable of motivating people with courage. At present The West, Now - is By Far the most cowardly society I have ever heard-of, anywhere. To compare us with my great grandparents generation or earlier shows this with absolute clarity.

We are cowardly because we are grossly under-motivated, and because our motivations are worldly (peace, prosperity, comfort, convenience) - hence we easily can be intimidated with worldly threats. Everybody sells-out, every time.

Only if people choose to base their hope in Jesus's promise of eternal life, and trust in God, will we find the courage we need.

That means people Must Change, must Choose to change - because as we are now, as a people - maybe almost the whole world, we will meekly continue to follow Satan to annihilation and damnation. That is the path the world is walking (or jogging) - and only if we turn-around ("repent") can that fate be averted.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Gary and Magnus - I will not try to persuade you - how can an intuition be argued?

But be aware that you are not taking a safe path, nor making a safe choice, by being more skeptical than me on this matter. There is no safe way through life - risks lie on every hand (The Quest stands upon the edge of a knife - as Galadriel said.) Situations change, and if we choose to reject hope on the basis of past choices; then there is no guarantee we will not have made an error.

If it is agreed that evidence-reason is not a help, because heart-thinking needs to be the bottom line; then all we can do is make our best discernment, and share it.

The example of Winston Churchill comes to mind. His career was a failure up to him becoming Prime Minister at the start of the 39-45 War; and his later career was also a failure. 'On average' he was a failure. But he was the right man in the right place in 1940, that absolutely crucial moment - Anybody else, and history would have been very different and worse.

Sean G. said...

@Defender I'm not sure what to make of the AF movement. There is a growing number the new right that is explicitly and enthusiastically Christian (Nick Fuentes, Ali Alexander and many others) which should be encouraging but I'm skeptical. Is it real or yet another political movement rooted in the world not the spiritual?

This is a special moment in time and we are here, I assume, because we each have important choices to make.

Hari Seldon said...

@BC Thank you for this post; it is very heartening.

If I may add my own observations to yours, POTUS is also the most powerful person in the world who (insistently and without equivocation) opposes "lockdowns," despite his disastrous caving to the medical establishment in March and April. Indeed, he is now the prime example of a COVID "denier" or "skeptic," since his message - increasingly - has been that panic is harmful, lockdowns are national suicide, and we need to learn to live with the virus and return to business as usual. It is difficult to even imagine him uttering the phrases "Great Reset" or "New Normal."

This of course makes him irredeemably evil in the eyes of the globalist elite, which is to my mind a sign that he is at least oriented in the right direction on this issue. I suspect this is not an accident, but indicates a genuine (growing?) desire to do what is right even against massive, organized, global resistance - reflected also in his actions during this election fight.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I would like to have hope and believe that God is working through him and his supporters.