Tuesday 8 December 2020

In 2020 the left is correct: everything is moral

You know the arguments; you've engaged in them I'm sure... The left has it that everything is political, and all politics is moral - so that every issue about any decision, about how to do anything, becomes moralised...

Well, here and now - this year of 2020 - the left is correct. Every little thing is moral: truth is also moral, and beauty as well. 


So, let's not fall into the trap of finding ourselves arguing that such-and-such is not primarily moral. Of course that is true in terms of survival, thriving, and the rest of it. But none of that matters anymore - Mankind has decided that none of that matters. All that will happen when we say something else is more important than 'morality' is that we will come across as immoral, materialistic, money-grubbing etc. 

The left is correct - when pushed back and back, everything is indeed moral. Just that everything is moral in the opposite way that the left means.

Don't let the left have a monopoly on moral absolutism! Argue about morality and nothing else. 

The argument should be that when the left says moral, they mean anti-moral. Leftism is the primary, dominant, mainstream, systematic strategy of evil in 2020, and evil is oppositional to real values, true values, Christian values: 

Leftism just is oppositional to the values of God's creation - from roots to twigs.  


So, if we argue, let's argue about what is moral - not about what is most effective, efficient, reasonable, factual or anything else. 

In 2020 nobody cares about What Works

That's clear. The world is coming-down all around us, very obviously - it is being actively demolished, before our eyes, on the basis of Big Lies, on the basis of Moral Inversion... 

So, let's try and make sure that when it does come-down, at that moment we know what is virtue and what is evil


After all, that's minimally necessary for salvation. 

Because that is what all this is all about, ultimately. 

And ultimately might arrive quite soon. Be prepared. 



Matias F. said...

You are right that it's the only way to argue. Any argument against wearing masks, for instance, comes down as just selfishness if it is accepted that masks are worn to protect others. Here in Finland, masks are 'recommended' but almost everyone wears them now in supermarkets etc. I haven't actually tried to argue the case, but the only moral argument against wearing masks I could come up with is that it is cruel to instill fear in children and other vulnerable minds.

It is not such a hassle to put on a mask when you visit the supermarket, but someone might get really offended if you do not wear a mask. And because it is the moral thing to do (to protect the others), you should signal your virtue when in public. So if you assume it might actually help others, you should wear a mask.

It is such nonsense when you see through it, but these things are built quite diabolically. Of course you could assert that you are not a slave and refuse to wear a mask, but I don't think that would arouse anyone to action.

Avro G said...

Amen. The left knows everything is moral. That is why they attack virtue relentlessly. By our conduct we show that we are either under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ or we are not. Godly people have for a very long time gotten used to compromising with anti-Christ by cravenly saying, "Let's agree to disagree," about this or that moral question. The satanic left then fully occupies the newly open space. Thus, every piece of territory declared neutral is effectively ceded to the enemy. Every concession weakens our faith. Our only substance is in holiness, our only surety is in the Lord Jesus Christ.