Tuesday 8 December 2020

Why do They want so many opposite things? Because They are Evil - obviously! (And evil is negative.)

Rational and coherent people often comment on the incoherence of modern mainstream culture - perhaps expecting that this will lead to a recognition of error and reorganisation of priorities.  

But it never does. Oppositional-clashing continues and worsens. 

And very few recognise the underlying cause of all this incoherence.



On the one hand, in this Year of the Birdemic, mainstream modern culture has become mono-maniacally focused on health. Nothing in the world (human society, human culture, human survival) is more important than health; and every-thing must be sacrificed for (a little-bit) longer life for the extremely old and already-sick... 

On the other hand; the health services have been all-but destroyed. We have much, MUCH worse health care, and there is much less of it, than a year ago...


On the one hand; politicians are obsessed with increasing bureaucratic surveillance and control - which has reached unprecedented levels with the world living under house arrest, and almost everything banned (except for what is compulsory)... 

On the other hand; these same rulers have been encouraging riots, arson, violence; police told not to intervene, defunded, deleted... Gangsters, mobs and thug-rule are funded, defended and supported by the authorities. 


On the one hand; the Global Establishment strategy is to make every home a prison; stop mass travel - eliminate airlines, eliminate private cars; confine the masses within bicycle range of their residence - for limited, supervised 'exercise' periods... 

On the other hand that same Global Establishment want 'open borders'; fund and organise for vast tides of tens of millions of people ('refugees', 'asylum seekers', 'displaced persons') surging across the planet; mixing and stealing, raping and fighting; flooding already-crowded Western counties with immigrants and migrants; year upon year, with no control and no limit. 


On the one hand; They promote economic growth. The world economy is 'stimulated' with trillions of dollars. Vast sums are spent on improving transport 'infrastructure' with new motorways, faster railways, tunnels and bridges, space rockets and multiple-thousands of new satellites...

On the other hand; They have destroyed - what? - a third? A half? of the global economy by their 'lockdowns', massively inefficient birdemic restrictions, massively destructive racial and sex preferences, and endlessly growing bureaucratic red tape. The transport infrastructure is paralysed by pretend 'sustainable' projects. All businesses, corporations, institutions, organisations are in constant and escalating turmoil.

My point is that such gross, persisting, expanding incoherence and self-contradiction is not some kind of aberration or error - but is the very nature of mainstream modern public policy


Quite simply because the underlying motivation of The Establishment is evil; and evil is oppositional


Evil is negative, not positive. 

Evil has no goal but the destruction of good, the inversion of values. It is not aiming at any alternative, stable, coherent plan for a 'better' world, or for any kind of 'civilization' or 'society'; it simply opposes God, creation and all-that-is-good - and it does so simultaneously, on many fronts.


The negativity and destructiveness of evil is disguised by lies. Satan is described as 'The Father of Lies' because lying and other forms of dishonesty - such as hype, spin, public relations, advertising, selective and distorted reporting, fake-news and monolithic news suppression, deletion of dissent, legalism, management-speak, empty rhetoric; and the proliferating sequential, rotating leftist ideologies such as socialism, feminism, antiracism, environmentalism, sexual and religious 'phobias'...etc. 

All are negative, oppositional, incoherent; all are based upon Untruthfulness: the inverson of Truth. 

And these systemic Big Lies are the necessary tools for motivating and excusing and explaining-away the underlying, strategic, progressive demonic agenda.

Incoherence and the clashing pursuit of incompatible goals is just business-as-usual for the architects and agents of evil...


Yet it is all invisible to most people, most of the time.  

Why? Simply because nearly the whole world has forgotten, denies or hates God; therefore has zero basis from which to discern incoherence; or recognise the negativity and destructiveness of the simultaneous-opposing trends which characterise 2020. 

Unless you yourself love God, creation and the Good - then you will never perceive that behind the oppositions and incoherences lies a single purpose, a single comprehensive plan. 

Nothing that ever happens will ever enlighten you to the core, fundamental reality of 2020: 

The plan to reduce divine creation to demonic chaos


Zach said...

The incoherence sucks away the energy of those ensnared by it.

We're made to perceive order.

So when faced with these contradictions, we want to believe there must be some logical reason.

Or that the powerful would surely wish their actions to be coherent.

But if chaos is a feature, not a bug... debugging the chaos is wasted energy.

Francis Berger said...

Very lucid and extremely relevant! What strikes me is how brazenly unabashed and unapologetic the incoherence has become. All attempts to reconcile or account for incoherence have been callously abandoned. They seem to know they can say or do whatever they please, all with guaranteed impunity because, as you point out, they understand most modern people simply won't 'get it' for the simple reason that most modern people have abandoned God.

At the same time, I would suggest the relentless incoherence to which we are all being subjected also serves to demoralize and dispirit that small portion of the population that does 'get it'. Barring that, They genuinely appear to get a kick out of mercilessly 'rubbing it in' every chance they get.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Zach - "But if chaos is a feature, not a bug... debugging the chaos is wasted energy. "

That's it!

Think how much of this kind of debugging you have read and pondered over the years? Yet, in sum, all it does is to disguise the extremity of the evil that faces us; by making it appear merely roundabout versions of rational self-interest.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - "the relentless incoherence to which we are all being subjected also serves to demoralize and dispirit that small portion of the population that does 'get it'. "

Yes, it certainly does that! It drives me nuts to observe how so many (a majority, apparently) people (who see themselves as such thoughtful and considerate, normal, decent folk) just soak-up up self-contradicting nonsense... day after day, week after week, year after year - and show every sign of doing so until the day they die (and, presumably, beyond!).

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Your connecting this to belief in God is interesting. Academically, it doesn't seem as if belief in God would be necessary in order to discern incoherence or evil, and experientially, it doesn't feel as if my belief in God has much to do with my ability to see it. Trying to imagine what would have happened if 2020 had come a few years ahead of schedule, when I was still an atheist, I simply can't imagine myself being taken in -- but one never can, I suppose.

It does seem to be an observable fact that only Christians, and only some Christians, are seeing through the Big Lies of 2020 -- at least as far as I can tell. (I'm not really tuned into the atheist world anymore, but I can guess with a very high degree of confidence what folks like Richard Dawkins and Scott Adams are most likely saying about the birdemic and such!)

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - "Academically, it doesn't seem as if belief in God would be necessary in order to discern incoherence or evil, and experientially, it doesn't feel as if my belief in God has much to do with my ability to see it."

I discuss this matter extensively in my book about science - Not Even Trying. The matter was partly made clear from me by Charles Murray's Human Accomplishment - when he talked of how genius required a strong belief in, and devotion to, transcendental values (Truth, Beauty and Virtue - in unity) - or else the necessary effort to attain high level accomplishment would not be forthcoming.

What this means is that geniuses need to overcome expediency, overcome the many temptations to do make worldly choices, do short termist and worldly-beneficial things.

The same applies to everyone, not only geniuses, when it comes to being truthful, virtuous and sustaining beauty in face of a world where these are - at best - means to ends; or, as now, inverted.

So, what sustains a strong, courageous devotion to transcendental values? Murray looks at historical social correlations of the concentration of geniuses with two variables - religiousness and individual agency (he uses different names). But the principle can also be applied to individuals.

We must have a reason, a strong and important and transcendent (not this-worldly) reason, to motivate us to do other-than what is expedient.

This is, 'at root', a matter of facts. Some 'reasons' factually work (for particular people) and other reasons just don't work. Modern atheist 'reasons' just don't work - way too weak. So cowards and sell-outs abound.

That some religions work and some don't - and that 'no religion' doesn't work - can be observed, and can be explained in terms of whether our values are rooted in this mortal life (which means that the root necessarily moves with the life - as people change, as incentives change) - or rooted in our conviction of eternal life of a particular kind - in which case the rooting is not (not necessarily) affected by this world.

In terms of evolutionary theory - there is something in the understanding that human psychology evolved to have 'religion' as a big thing in life - so that deleting religion from life makes us crazy.