Wednesday 30 December 2020

We are already in the Brezhnev era of the birdemic...

The equivalent of the Bolshevik revolution happened in early 2020; and began immediately to implement its multi-pronged agenda of economic and social destruction; combined with a disintegrative PSYOPS that compelled the masses to treat each other as rabid-leper-zombies.

At first; all this was done with a Lenin/ Trotsky-like ideological idealism. 

This 'heroic' self-sacrifice was going to lead us, Very Soon, to a birdemic-free world, a better world; one newly united by the unprecedented threat of an international deadly plague

Plenty of people bought into this. Here in the UK the situation was compared to Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain and the Blitz combined... Millions of shining-eyed zealots would gather on their doorsteps (at an allowed hour, for an allowed period of time) to applaud the NHS and exchange shouted encouragement with their neighbours (from a 'safe' distance). 


But by the summer we were already in the Stalin era of paranoid oppression; with widening social division, secret police spies, and a program of exclusion and repression of alternative viewpoints. 

There were some massive rallies to protest totalitarian  - so instant 'laws' were passed to impose massive fines, the leaders were arrested and subjected to sustained harrassment. 

The army was mobilised - but was not needed, since the counter revolution fizzled-out (as was inevitable without a prior spiritual awakening). 


But now, before even a year has passed; we are in the cynical and corrupt Brezhnev era; charecterised by terminal decline, rampant inefficiency: the toadying Commisar is triumphant. 

The Establishment lies come thicker and faster than ever; but nobody really believes them any more - especially not the Establishment; whose hypocritical, bribed and blackmailed spokesmen increasingly display the puffy-eyed, bloated, weary and worn demeanor of the 1970s Politburo - as they continue to mouth the same-old stale revolutionary slogans from the mists of April 2020. 

The lies, the false hopes, the pretence of compassion and concern... It has all become an unutterably dreary routine. 


Of course things will collapse, like the USSR did; because The System does not even want to continue, everybody is tired, miserable and demotivated - but this time, everywhere in the world is in the same boat.

Only that massive prevalence of fear, cowardice, resentment and despair; which is inevitable as a late consequence of the atheist-materialist-leftist assumptions that have for decades been rotting minds and communities. 


But, if you don't want to be a part of it; you don't have to be... You know what you need to do.

However, it will be... 'challenging' - as the managerial drones call it - to retain our Christian hope in such as world as this. 

Challenging, indeed; but within reach of each and every Man - if he will but reach-out and grasp it; over and again - on a daily basis.



R.J.Cavazos said...

Great insights. I am heartened by the resurgence of diverse religious faiths in Russia in the last 30 years after a long period of darkness. The hostility toward Russia is likely in no small part due to their return to traditional religion and cultural practices.

Gary Bleasdale said...

The last three paragraphs are truly the most important thing we need to remember now. It is the only real way out of the Resentment/Fear/Despair/Cowardice trap, which doesn´t involve massive amounts of constant distraction and abstraction.

We are truly blessed to live in a time where that sort of spiritual alignment is the ONLY way to live without killing your soul or damaging it severely.

We have been FORCED to become more spiritual (deeply personally responsible for our alignment with truth) than ever in order just to survive... Our honesty and intolerance for cant must be developed to a point which has historically been the preserve of the very, very few indeed.

But now, every man must do it for himself, to the best of his abilities, and according to his specific needs - no outsourcing or blameshifting!

As in previous occasions when man has been on the precipice of annihilation, those who see the degree of risk and its implications will usually develop themselves to a point which more "comfortable" and "congenial" times would not have allowed.

This is NOT easy, but if we remain perseverant and firm, full of faith and humility before our Creator, our God, trusting in Jesus Christ and asking for His protection and the protection of his Angels, we will stand victorious at the last day.

It is a very, very great honour indeed.

Sasha Melnik said...

The parallels are extraordinary. The churches were shuttered under Communism. The priests went without their vestments in public and performed their duties at night behind closed curtains in private homes. Indeed the facial garb and propaganda around it (images of families walking in nature.. every member wearing the mask) all too strongly resemble the 'happy workers unite!' - a tool to shame people into submission. I could go on.

As the last decade has started to top off I have kept sensing the parallels increasing. I've watched the Bezmenov Interviews each year seeing, but not accepting the situation. Perhaps there is no Gulag yet but, but I feel it warrants further study of what people did to hold it together in the face of the System, under that situation, applied to the coming decades.

You write profusely and often what you write gives me some insight, often making conscious something which I had intuited but never seen expressed.

On behalf of others and myself.. A Hearty Thank You, God Bless, Merry Christmas and and a Happy New Year!

A said...

What gives me some hope is how fast they’re rushing, as if they’re desperate.

lgude said...

Yes, at least I have worked out that I have to reach out every day and grasp it. I have had to radically withdraw my attention from the collective life of our civilisation and am letting it take care of itself. I have finally noticed that my task, as a time limited creature, is to take care of my connection to God. As a New Year indulgence I confess I have begun to reread Ford Madox Ford's Parade's End. It opens with his caustic account of the British ruling classes sleepwalking into WW1 - which seems to me to bare a striking resemblance to the now thoroughly Globalised sleepwalking that is currently being practiced by our Davoise.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ig - Incisive negative critiques of sleepwalking and blindness were common from a century ago among the (intrinsically leftist) Modernist avante garde like Ford; but the critique was from a false perspective, as was revealed when they became culturally dominant - and here we are!