Saturday 12 December 2020

Who *should* you trust - who *do* you trust?

Trust is a proximate matter. 

There are those who say they 'trust the science' but what they are proximately doing is trusting the mass media, and government officials. They know nothing of the ultimate that is 'science'.

Indeed, even professional and credentialled 'scientists' are not 'science' - since scientist (for several decades) is just a job; a job in which you are not evaluated by truth-seeking or exact truthfulness; and where all the modern incentives are in the direction of (deniable) exaggeration, hype, spin, selective distortion; money-making ability ('grantmanship'), careerism and conformity to bureaucracy. 


Or, if you are a Christian - who actually do you trust? The church in an ultimate sense... yes, but proximately there is massive and deep disagreement between churches, subdivisions of churches, even within your chosen church's sub-division; and between that church now, and in the past... 

And your exposure to any teaching of the past comes via understanding the communications of the present - indeed via a few very specific conduits who are not, themselves, 'the church'.

Reflection will show that you actually-have, your-self, already-chosen from among many various available 'church' possibilities - even as you claim (to yourself, probably to others) that you are 'simply obeying the teachings of the church'.  

And the same applies (mutatis mutandis) to those who shelter behind an assertion of mere-obedience to the authority of tradition, the Bible, theology, or Any Other external authority. 


(On top of all this is the - surely undeniable by now? - gross corruption of the churches - their assimilation to the mainstream secular agenda - such as (any one of, because one will suffice to corruopt) birdemic-healthism, antiracism, climate change, the sexual revolution, open-borders mass migration and egalitarianism. Mere obedience to any church that is thus corrupt, and has therefore substantially joined the side of The Enemy, is surely liable to lead to damnation more often than salvation?)

What these times are asking of Christians seems to be an acknowledgment of this actual fact of our personal discernment; demanding we cease to shelter-behind the evasion of personal responsibility that is an assertion of 'obedience' to a 'church' who you, personally, have in fact either selected, or else selectively-accepted.  

Again: To assert passive obedience to an authority which you deny having personally selected, is a dishonest evasion

...Hence, it should be needless to say: UnChristian.

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